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Grounded: Spade Gulch Marker Location, Where Is It?

by Lucas White

If you’ve been playing Obsidian Entertainment’s wholesome survival adventure Grounded since it launched in Early Access, you may have completed the available story content by now. And if that’s the case, and you’re still playing, that means you’re running daily missions for BURG.L the robot. One of the tougher mission types is the one that has you seeking out a space on the map to plant a marker. For example, one mission asks you to find the Spade Gulch. Of course for these missions, you don’t get any navigation help. So where the heck is the Spade Gulch?

Where is the Spade Gulch Marker Location in Grounded?

The Spade Gulch is pretty far away from your starting point in Grounded, all the way to the east of the Mysterious Machine. You have to get through a bunch of grass to find it, but it’s hard to miss a massive shovel sticking out of the ground. Once you find the spade, there should be a gulch nearby you have to drop down into. It’s decorated with acorns and leaves, and if you can find the shovel you don’t have to go far to find the gulch. Once you’re down there, you’ll see the market area nice and lit up for you.

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But you can’t just drop a marker out of mid-air. You have to craft it, silly! Luckily it’s pretty easy to craft one of these markers. All you need for that is 1 Clover Leaf, 2 Plant Fibers, and 2 Sprigs. That’s easy enough to take care of, and once you craft the marker you’re pretty much done!

Once you complete the mission, BURG.L will reward you with Raw Science. BURG.L is also a vendor at this point in the game, so you’ll be seeing a lot of this robot if you’re still into Grounded. But hey, if you save up enough Raw Science, you’ll be nice and set for whenever more story content is added to Grounded. 

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