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Green With Envy Destiny 2 Quest is Bugged

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been trying to complete a particular Gambit quest from the Drifter in Destiny 2 but you’ve been finding it difficult, well, you’re not alone. We regret to inform you that the Green With Envy Destiny 2 quest is still bugged. First time encountering it? We’ll give you the rundown, and also help you find a way around it. 

Green With Envy Destiny 2 Quest is Bugged

Do you count yourselves amongst the droves of people trying to acquiesce to the Drifter’s demands who somehow always end up a bit short? This isn’t your fault. The Green With Envy quest that you’re trying to knock out is, as we’ve mentioned, bugged. There are two specific parts to this quest, and it’s the second part with its requirements that has Guardians stumped.

You won’t have to worry about this bug until you finish the following requirements for the first portion of the Green With Envy quest, called Tear It Up:

  • Defeat 600 opponents
  • Bank 600 motes
  • Achieve Infamy Rank Fabled

Once you’ve completed that portion of Green With Envy, you’ll be kicking onto the next step called Show Off. For Show Off, you need to tick off the following:

  • Get 150 kills on opposing Guardians
  • Defeat 1400 enemies
  • Achieve infamy Rank Fabled

However, the rub lies in the final requirement there. This quest has been bugged for quite some time now, and we’re here to help: you actually have to achieve Infamy Rank Mythic. It’s not clear from Bungie’s side as to where the fault lies – we don’t know if it’s a misdescription of the quest, or if there’s something else afoot here, but it looks like getting infamy Rank Mythic will ensure that you can turn in the quest and get everything else done. If you’re currently at Fabled and wondering why Green With Envy isn’t completing, well, there’s your answer. When Bungie decides to fix this, or figures out what the problem is, we’ll update this guide for you. 

Now that you know what to do in light of the Green With Envy Destiny 2 quest being bugged, getting to the end zone should be a piece of cake. Need a hand with anything else in Destiny 2? Check out the following tips and tricks that we’ve put together for you Guardians:

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