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Gravity Rush 2 – How to Get More Gravity Styles

by Josh Hawkins

One of the biggest new features in Gravity Rush 2 is the ability to unlock new Gravity Styles which change the way the game’s basic mechanics work. With a total of three different Gravity Styles, Gravity Rush 2 offers even more ways for players to take on the Nevi that threaten Kat and her pals. In this article we’ll show you how to unlock new Gravity Styles, as well as go over the basics of changing them out.

How to Get New Gravity Styles

Kat’s two new Gravity Styles can only be unlocked by completing specific missions throughout the game. These missions take place within the main storyline, so they are impossible to miss. Once Kat has finished the mission associated with the Gravity Style, she’ll unlock the ability to use that Gravity Style at any point throughout the game. There are currently three Gravity Styles that players can use. Before we dive in, make sure you know how to get Precious Gems so you can unlock more upgrades for Kat.

  • Normal Style – This is Kat’s basic Gravity Style. It’s the default version, and is what Kat has used throughout the first game.
  • Lunar Style – The second Gravity Style that players unlock, Lunar makes Kat feel lighter, allowing her to jump higher and further. It also changes her special attacks and Gravity Kicks to quicker attacks.
  • Jupiter Style – This final Gravity Style is the last one that Kat unlocks. It makes Kat’s movements slower but meatier, allowing her to incorporate more splash damage into her attacks. 

As we stated above, Normal Style is the original Gravity Style incorporated into the first game, and the opening acts of the second game. Later in the game, in the mission ‘And the Soldier’s Wife?’, Kat unlocks the Lunar ability, which allows her to swap between Gravity Styles depending on what is needed. 

Lunar and Normal aren’t the only important styles of Gravity available to Kat, though. As players progress through the story they’ll come across the main story mission, Black Eagle. In this mission players have to help Raven stop a massive enemy from destroying the city. This is also where Kat obtains the Jupiter Gravity Style, which makes her much heavier, allowing her to complete charged up attacks that do more damage to her enemies.

Kat also becomes able to break through more objects when using this Gravity Style, which can be very useful for creating new pieces of the environment to help her fight off the evil Nevi. This gravity style is useful for large groups of enemies, and features a high-damage dealing Black Hole special that sucks nearby enemies into the attack and damages them, often destroying them completely. Kat also gains access to a new chargeable kick which creates shockwaves when launched into the ground near enemies.

How to Swap Gravity Styles

When playing Gravity Rush 2, players can easily and quickly swap between the available Gravity Styles by making use of the DualShock 4’s Touchpad. To activate Lunar Style, players should flick their finger up on the Touchpad. To change back to Normal Style, simply tap the Touchpad. Finally, to activate Jupiter Style, flick down on the Touchpad. 

That’s all there is to Gravity Styles and how to change them. The different styles offer plenty of changes to each basic mechanic of the game to help make them different. For example, Kat’s Gravity Kick becomes a stunning Vortex Kick when using the Lunar Style. This attack is very useful for extremely fast enemies like the Nevi Swarm. You can learn more about Kat’s new journey by returning to our Gravity Rush 2 guide, or head over to our guide on how to get more Talismans to help make Kat stronger.