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Gravity Rush 2 – The Best Power Ups

by Josh Hawkins

Gravity Rush 2 is the direct sequel to Gravity Rush, and in the game players must once again take control of Kat, a girl capable of shifting the flow of gravity around her. In the game, players can acquire new Power Ups, which will unlock new abilities that Kat can use in her fight against the evil Nevi. In this article, we’ll show you the best Power Ups worth grabbing in Gravity Rush 2, and which ones you can avoid during your first several hours play.

How Power Ups Work

Before we dive into which Power Ups are the best, let’s go over how Power Ups work. To access the Power Up menu, press Options and scroll down to the Power Up button. Press X to open the Power Up window. Here you can see the six different categories available to upgrade. These categories include Fighting Skill, Gravity Kick, Stasis Shield, Evasion, Gravity Slide, and Special Attacks. Choose a category you want to update, and another window will open, showcasing the available upgrades.

The Best Power Ups to Grab In the Early Game

While you’re in the first few hours of the game, you’re going to find yourself having to prioritize which Power Ups are worth purchasing. Precious Gems won’t be easy to come by until after you unlock Mining Expeditions later in Chapter 1. To learn more about how to get more Precious Gems, head over to our handy guide. Because of the limited number of Precious Gems available, we’ve put together a list of three Power Ups you should prioritize above the rest.

  • Stronger Combo Attack – This first upgrade in the Fighting Skill category is extremely useful early on, as you’ll find yourself struggling to maintain high amounts of Gravity Energy in the early hours of the game. This removes the need for relying on Gravity powered attacks, so make sure to grab it first.
  • Harpoon Shot Added – The first upgrade available in the Evasion category is a must-have for early players. This ability adds a counterattack that can be activated by pressing Square when dodging enemy attacks.
  • Stasis Field Boost – Players should also grab the first upgrade in the Stasis Field area as it allows the player to hold up to three items or people in the Stasis Field, making it useful against faster enemies.

The Best Power Ups in the Game

Now that we’ve covered the best Power Ups to acquire within the first few hours, let’s dive deeper into the player’s end game. Here we’ll showcase several Power Ups that players should grab throughout the game.

  • Energy Deflect – Racking up at a costly 7,300 Precious Gems, this upgrade level of the Stasis Shield grants a lot of playing room. It also allows Kat to reflect any energy-based and physical-based attacks within the Stasis Field range, making it exceptionally useful against ranged attacking enemies.
  • Gravity Gauge Recovery Boost – The final tier of the Evasion Power Up costs a total of 4,750 Precious Gems, but it is worth every penny. Once activated, players can dodge at the last possible moment to refill their Gravity Energy Gauge, allowing them to dive right back into the fight without waiting for a recharge.
  • Shock Wave – The highest upgrade tier of the Fighting Skill category grants players a devastating shockwave attack that activates at the end of any combo. It’s a great way to take out enemies on the ground, while conserving your Gravity Energy for other fights. Of course, the price is quite hefty, weighing in at 14,700 Precious Gems to purchase.
  • Gravity Kick Boost – Costing a total of 24,000 Precious Gem, this outrageously expensive top-tier upgrade for the Gravity Kick Power Up is essential for players looking to spend most of their time up in the air. While it features many different lower level variations, upgrading this category all the way will grant you the ability to chain 6 Gravity Kicks together in quick succession. This is a great way to stay in the battle if you don’t like having to take breaks to recharge your Gravity Energy.

Those are the best Power Ups that players can acquire in Gravity Rush 2. If you follow the information we’ve provided, and pick up the abilities that we have suggested, you shouldn’t run into too many problems throughout the main campaign. Be sure to check out our other Gravity Rush 2 guides, and when you’re done, make sure to head back to our main Gravity Rush 2 walkthrough for in-depth features, guides, and tips to help you conquer Kat’s powers and control Gravity.

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