If you’re trying to 100% God of War, then Treasure Maps will undoubtedly end up on your list of things to do. These tricky little puzzles can be challenging and figuring out exactly where to go to find them and solve them can be tough. We’ve got all the details, though, and today we’ll show you how to find The Turtle’s Tribute Treasure Map, as well as how to solve it and earn yourself some goodies.

The Turtle’s Tribute Treasure Map Location

To find this Treasure Map players will need to make their way to the Witch’s Cave. Once there, head down to the lower level to get started.

From the Mystic Gateway in the lower level of the cave, head up the lift and then to the right and drop down into a secondary area. There should be an area to the left where you can create a light bridge, which will allow you to gain more access to the cave.

Head across the bridge and then past the Nornir Chest. Continue onward to find a piece of climbable wall, almost hidden among the boards—look out for various drawings on the wall to spot the climbable section. Head up the wall to reach an area with a Hidden Chamber door. Ignore the Hidden Chamber for now, though, and instead look to your right to spot this Treasure Map on the ground.

The Turtle’s Tribute Treasure Map Solution

Now that you have the Treasure Map, it’s time to solve it. Take a look at the map to learn that the area you’re looking for is near the massive turtle that the Witch’s house resides atop. That means you’ll need to head out of the Witch’s cave and up to the main level of the world.

Head up to the top by making your way up and out of the well that’s near the Witch’s house. This will place you on the surface of Midgard. From here, head down the path and back towards the entrance to the Witch’s house. It doesn’t matter if the turtle’s head is down or up. Look for a piece of rock on the right-hand side of the turtle (it’s on the path as you come down it) and then interact with it to dig up the treasure and claim your rewards.

Completing the Turtle’s Tribute Treasure Map will reward you with the following items: 1 Rare Enchantment, 1 Oblivion Stone, 5 Soft Svartalfheim Steel and 5,000 Hacksilver.

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