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God of War – How to Upgrade Your Weapons

by Josh Hawkins

The latest story in the God of War series has quite a few differences from the older games in the series, such as how to upgrade weapon. Players making their way through Kratos’ journey are bound to find themselves against some difficult enemies. One way to overcome stronger enemies is to upgrade your weapons, which isn’t available at the start of the game. However, after setting out upon Kratos’ journey, you’ll quickly unlock the ability to customize and upgrade your weapons in God of War.

Be aware, this guide does contain spoilers for late-game items, so do not read past the video below if you do not want to see any kind of spoilers.

How to Upgrade Your Weapons

Upgrading your weapons in God of War can only be done by visiting one of two dwarven brothers that you meet during the main storyline. The first brother, Brok, can be met during the quest Path to the Mountain, and talking to him will allow you to upgrade your weapons, as well as learn how to craft armor.

To meet Brok you’ll need to explore a series of ruins on your journey to reach the summit of the tallest mountain in Midgard. Along the way you come to a bridge, where Brok and his pack animal are waiting. The animal itself has stalled, scared by something in the trees. We won’t go into much detail about the interaction here, as we want to avoid spoilers, but once you talk to Brok and the animal moves, you’ll get the option to upgrade your weapon for the first time.

The first time you meet Brok, you’ll only have a few upgrade options for your items. Head to the Upgrade tab and click on the Leviathan Axe to learn what upgrade you have available. This will also allow you to press L3 and see the current stats of that weapon and what benefits it currently gives you.

Unlike armor and other items, though, your weapon can only be upgraded at specific moments through the main storyline, as you need a special item called a Frozen Flame to complete the upgrade. Frozen Flames can be acquired by completing specific missions in the main storyline. You’ll know when you pick one up, as the dwarf will make a big deal of upgrading your weapon to make it stronger.

On top of actual weapon upgrades, you can also craft and upgrade Axe Pommels, which will allow you to increase different attributes like Luck, Vitality, Defense, Cooldown, Runic, and Strength. All of these attributes are important depending on which type of playstyle you’re looking to use, and the pommels that you choose will change whether Kratos is more of a defense, attack, or even magic based warrior. Once you have equipped an Axe Pommel it can also be modified by adding different modifications onto it. These can then be upgrades to provide even better support for Kratos.

Blades of Chaos

Like the Leviathan Axe, the Blades of Chaos can only be upgraded by obtaining a specific ingredient. You’ll find Chaos Flames by completing specific parts of Kratos’ journey, and once you obtain them, you can talk to Brok or his brother in order to upgrade the weapon and make it more powerful.

Like the Leviathan Axe, players can also craft and upgrade different pommels for the Blades of Chaos, which will make them more powerful in the long run.

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