While exploring Midgard in God of War, you will eventually come upon a scroll for the Creation Island Treasure Map. This map contains clues that lead to valuable loot hidden somewhere across the nine realms. In this guide, we’ll explain how to find the treasure marked on the Creation Island Treasure Map in God of War.

Creation Island Treasure Map Location

The Creation Island Treasure Map is found on the beach at the Iron Cove, located along the southwest shore of the Lake of Nine. Get in a boat and dock at a beach just south of the Isle of Death. If this is your first time to the area, be prepared to fight off a Fire Ancient when you arrive.

God of War Creation Island Treasure Map Location

Once you have dismissed the enemies, search near a pile of crates to find the Creation Island Treasure Map on the ground. The treasure map reads: “Why waste a life worshiping those who were created by another? I honor Buri, first among Gods and he from whom the Aesir sprang. I’ve left him tribute on the island that honors him.

Creation Island Treasure Map Solution

Based on the description given on the map, the Creation Island treasure is found at Buri’s Storeroom, an island just south of Stone Falls and before the double doors leading to Veithurgard. Note that the lake’s water level must be lowered in order to reach this island.

When you dock at Buri’s Storeroom for the first time, be prepared to fight off a handful of tough enemies. The buried treasure is located on the back side of the island, opposite the shore where you dock your boat. 

The easiest way to get to the treasure is by going through the metal gate to the left of the stairs. Walk around to the back and face toward the huge double doors leading to Veithurgard. Scour the ground to find a dirt pile and unearth the Creation Island treasure trove.

Completing the Creation Island Treasure Map will reward you with one Common Enchantment, one Eternal Frost, five Aegir’s Gold, seven World Serpent Scale Fragments, and several thousand Hacksilver. For more treasure map guides, head over to our God of War Walkthrough and Guide.