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Ghostwire: Tokyo Patch Notes and Spider’s Thread Updated Listed

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by Daphne Fama

Fans of spooks, urban legends, and the Xbox are rejoicing, because Ghostwire: Tokyo has just hit the Game Pass! And with the arrival of this fantastic game to Xboxes everywhere comes an entirely new update and patch. Here’s Ghostwire: Tokyo Patch Notes and Spider’s Thread Updated Listed.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Patch Notes and Spider’s Thread Updated Listed

This patch brings to all players multiple single-player content additions, including a new game mode, side missions, new enemies, and quality of life improvements. So, let’s dig into it.


  • Players will now see an icon in the HUD displaying the type of food or drink they have equipped
  • A wish was added to shrine offering boxes to see a Hyakki Yako, which increases the chances of a player encountering one
  • Changed some key binding settings to be individually assignable
  • Players can now toggle a darker background onto subtitles and mission objective text for enhanced readability.


  • Scary Stories to Tell at School – ???
  • Spirit Photographer – ???
  • Further Liberation – Cleanse all newly-added torii gates
  • On-The-Job Training – Unlock all newly-added Spirit Skills
  • Unparalleled Talismaniac – Acquire all newly-added talismans
  • Unexpected Visitors – Defeat at least one of every newly-added type of Visitor
  • Figure Aficionado – Try your luck at capsule machines at least 50 times
  • Views from the Abyss – Complete “The Spider’s Thread” mode
  • Catalog Conqueror – Complete all Nekomata jobs in “The Spider’s Thread” mode
  • Welcome to Shibuya – ???

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  • Salvation of All – Transfer at least 100% of the spirits in the city
  • Hero of Shibuya – Complete the main story after transferring at least 100% of the spirits in the city
  • Wishmaker – Complete all side missions (excluding update content)
  • Liberator – Cleanse all torii gates (excluding update content)
  • Mind and Body – Unlock all Spirit Skills (excluding update content)
  • On the Same Wavelength – Raise your synergy level to 50 or higher
  • With their Powers Combined – Acquire 40 or more different magatama
  • DJ Akito – Acquire all music tracks (excluding update content)
  • Trendsetter – Acquire all items for the Outfit menu (excluding bonus and update content)
  • Talismania – Acquire all talismans (excluding update content)
  • Power Overwhelming – Acquire all sets of prayer beads (excluding update content)
  • Visiting Hours Are Over – Defeat at least one of every type of Visitor (excluding update content)


  • Various optimizations to improve the overall game performance
  • Fixed various issues that could occur when using Photo Mode during or after Utena space sequences
  • The icon for the “After the End 3” side mission will now correctly appear on the map
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the locker in the “Crimson Moon” side mission from being interacted with
  • Various cosmetic outfits were adjusted
  • Various emotes were adjusted
  • Fixed a bug with Mission section of the HUD

If you’re curious about Ghostwire and haven’t yet dowaloded it, check out what we had to say about the gameplay here: Sony Shares Exciting New Gameplay Footage of Ghostwire: Tokyo.

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