Ghost of Tsushima Map Size – How Big Is the Game?

The Ghost of Tsushima map size is quite large. Here's a breakdown of the three main areas in the game that players will explore.

Ghost of Tsushima is heading to PlayStation 4 this July and offers a massive open-world area that players can explore. With tons of content in the game, there are plenty of quests and missions for players to complete and areas to explore. So, just how big is the game? In this guide, we are going to take a look at the Ghost of Tsushima map size and the three areas you can explore.

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Ghost of Tsushima Map Size – Izuhara, Toyotama, Kamigata

The Ghost of Tsushima map is broken up into three different areas, Izuhara, Toyotama, and Kamigata. These three regions will make up the game’s map and will allow players to thoroughly explore them in each of its three acts. Further, as you may have guessed there is a lot to do in each area of the game and plenty of different locations to explore. So while there are technically only three main locations, the Ghost of Tsushima map size is quite large.  

When players begin their game, they’ll find themselves in Izuhara, which is the southern part of the map. This is the largest area in the game and there are seven separate areas in Izuhara that players can explore. Further, there are 24 strongholds and outputs that players can work their way through.

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Next, players will make their way to Toyotama, which is the second-largest location on the Ghost of Tsushima map. This area is home to the Yarikawa people along with six different areas for players to explore. Further, there are 17 strongholds and outputs that players can work their way through. 

The final main map location in Ghost of Tsushima is Kamigata, a snowy land in the north portion of the map. Kamigata is not only the final area in the game but also the smallest and will wrap up the story Sucker Punch is trying to tell. There are four individual areas within Kamigata to explore and 15 strongholds and outposts that players can work their way through.

Now that you have a good idea about the Ghost of Tsushima map size, you can begin plotting your expedition through the game. With 40+ hours of gameplay in the campaign, players will have plenty of time with each area and will get a good feel for everything the game’s three main locations have to offer. 

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