Ghost of Tsushima: How to Find Flowers

You want cool stuff? Go pick some flowers.

Ghost of Tsushima is largely about upgrading your technique pool, in Jin Sakai’s epic journey from samurai soldier to legendary assassin. But that doesn’t mean you can’t also have some fun dressing the man up. That said, you can’t just get money and buy new looks like a bag of coins. You have to trade, and those dye merchants are all about flowers. And flowers aren’t the easiest resource to come across. So if you’re searching around and trying to figure out how to find flowers in Ghost of Tsushima, your best bet is to change your clothes.

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How to Find Flowers in Ghost of Tsushima

While Ghost of Tsushima is full of cosmetic options for Jin’s look and weapons, he can also equip different kinds of armor in addition to his Charm collection. Certain armor types (which include non-armored attire) provides Jin with various situational bonuses. Not far into the story, a merchant will hook Jin up with some gear called Traveler’s Attire. 

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This outfit not only looks cool paired with a straw hat, it also helps Jin find stuff. Artifacts, the hidden collectibles that dole out lore and history, are the primary target. If you have Traveler’s Attire equipped, the controller will rumble when you’re close to one. But a less obvious bonus is the ability to search for flower money.

For finding flowers, you’ll need to hop over to the map screen once you have Traveler’s Attire equipped. There you’ll find you can set the Guiding Wind target to “undiscovered flowers.” Flowers, like other pickup resources, are not marked on the map, and that doesn’t change. But with flowers set as your Guiding Wind target, you’ll at least be pointed in the right direction.

Considering how big the world is and how long it can take to find flowers accidentally, every little bit of help counts. By using the Traveler’s Attire and getting the Guiding Wind to tell you how to find flowers, you’ll be able to buy all those expensive hats and sword kits in no time.

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