Ghost of Tsushima: Hidden Trophy Guide

There are a number of Hidden Trophies to find in Ghost of Tsushima. Here's how to get them.

Ghost of Tsushima is one of the last major exclusives for the PS4, and that means it’s a prime target for completionists and trophy hunters. As a huge, open world adventure, it’s easy enough to predict that the vast majority of Ghost of Tsushima’s trophies are related to finishing task groups. But like many other games with full, platinum-rewarding trophy lists, there are a few Hidden Trophies for which you won’t be able to find info on right away. That’s as good an excuse as any to write up a guide!

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How to Unlock All Ghost of Tsushima Hidden Trophies On PS4

First of all, you can expect the standard story-related Hidden Trophy unlocks for Ghost of Tsushima. We don’t need to get into those, because they naturally unlock as you proceed through the game’s primary story path. Just do what Ghost of Tsushima blatantly asks you to do, and you’ll have ‘em all by the time the credits roll. After that, there are 12 more Hidden Trophies that you have to perform specific tasks to complete, or go out of your way off the critical path for. Of course, the first couple of those are for completing the side quests.

Note: There are spoilers in this guide; proceed with caution.

The side quest trophies are The Warrior Monk, The Headstrong Thief, The Unbending Archer, and The Vengeful Warrior. These are unlocked by respectively clearing all the “Tales” missions for Norio, Yuna, Ishikawa, and Lady Masako. These missions will span most of the game, as some of the last few don’t become available until Act 3. With all the story Hidden Trophy unlocks out of the way, here are the rest:

Witness Protection ( Bronze – Shoot a Terrified enemy with an arrow while they are fleeing)

As you progress through Ghost of Tsushima, you’ll start to get techniques that can inflict the Terrify status on enemies. If you kill an enemy with a Terrify-inducing ability and other enemy sees it, they might get so scared they trip over themselves and try to escape. Once that happens, do exactly what the trophy says and catch them with an arrow.

Have a Nice Fall (Silver – Kill an enemy with fall damage by knocking them off a ledge)

Knocking an enemy off a ledge requires certain techniques, namely the Evasion tree’s Shoulder Charge or the Wind Stance’s Strengthened Typhoon Kit. Fall damage is no joke in Ghost of Tsushima, so once you have a good technique for the occasion it’s only a matter of time.

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Den of Thieves (Bronze – Discover Umugi Cove)

Umugi Cove is a town you come across during Ghost of Tsushima’s second Act, but you don’t automatically get the trophy when you walk in. You have to fully uncover the town, you’ll encounter a maze-like path lined with red flowers. Following the flowers gets you where you need to go, and if you encounter flowers that cross the path, that’s effectively a dead end.

Honor the Unseen (Bronze – Bow to 10 hidden altars across Tsushima)

As you travel around Tsushima you’ll find various special landmarks, some of them housing goodies like sword kits. What they don’t do is explicitly tell you to bow. Instead, you might see little signs around the area depicting a person bowing. That’s a clue that you’ll get some unique dialogue if you approach the landmark and swipe down on the Touch Pad. You only need to do this at ten of them, and there are many more.

Monochrome Masters (Bronze – Purchase an item from the Black and White Dye Merchants)

There are two special merchants in Tsushima, and those two are the only ones who sell black and white dye items. The white dye merchant is on a mountain in Izuhara, near the Wanderer’s Pass. The black dye merchant is in a cave in Totoyama, near Urashima’s Village. Once you find them all you have to do is buy one item from each and you’ll get the Hidden Trophy.

Cooper Clan Cosplayer (Silver – Dress up as a legendary thief)

This Hidden Trophy, which has you equip an armor set that’s a reference to Sucker Punch’s Sly Cooper series, is a pretty involved task. Luckily, we have a specific guide for that one, which you can find by clicking on this link.

Dirge of the Fallen Forge (Bronze – Play the “Lament of the Storm” at a friend’s grave)

This is the most direct spoiler of all the trophies here – sorry! Once you collect enough Singing Crickets you’ll unlock the Lament of the Storm song. Once you have it and get to a certain point in the main story, play that song at Taka’s Grave in Totoyama to get this one.

That’s all for the Ghost of Tsushima Hidden Trophy guide. If you want to check out our other Ghost of Tsushima guide coverage, feel free to browse via some of the links below.

Have you already cleaned up the Ghost of Tsushima trophies? Is there one in particular tripping you up or do you think it’s too easy to get the platinum? Talk to us about it on Twitter or Facebook!


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