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Ghost Recon Wildlands – How to Easily Capture Antonio, Ladykiller Handgun

by Josh Hawkins

As you progress through Ghost Recon Wildlands, you’ll eventually need to take down the Buchon of Mojocoyo, Antonio. This can be a bit tricky, as Antonio is hard to locate, but once you’ve completed all the missions in this region, he’ll arrive back in the province to take care of some business. This is your chance to nab him and pick up the Ghost Recon Wildlands Ladykiller Handgun in the process, but he’ll be hard to grab, as he’s driving one of the fastest cars in the game. In this article we’ll show you how to easily capture Antonio in Ghost Recon Wildlands, as well as go over some tactics to use when trying to get him to the Rally Point.

How to Capture Antonio

Once this mission begins, the first thing you’ll need to do is make it to Rancho Sabala, and storm the Buchon’s house. There are a lot of Santa Blanca thugs in the area, so take them out and sneak your way up to the house. Here you’ll meet Gabriella, Antonio’s somewhat neglected wife.

Interrogate the woman to learn of Antonio’s location. He’s driving in a sports car along the roads nearby. There are several different routes you can take at this point.

When completing the mission, Antonio’s route brought him right through Rancho Sabala, right into our ambush. We were able to ram him off the road using a nearby vehicle, and then apprehend him. His route for you may prove different. No matter, just grab a vehicle and make your way to him.

Once you arrive near Antonio, make sure no other Cartel or UNIDAD vehicles are nearby before engaging. If you engage when others are near, you’ll find yourself dealing with extra hassle you don’t need at the moment. You can also hack his car alarm to make the vehicle stop, but not all players will have upgraded their skills and have access to that skill.

No matter what you decide to do, take Antonio’s vehicle out of commission as quickly as possible. The longer he gets to drive, the harder the next portion of this mission will be. Once you have his vehicle stopped, take him into custody and force him into your vehicle. Now it’s time to get him out of here.

Extract Antonio

Your next objective is to extract Antonio to Mojocoyo’s Alpha Rally Point. This is located just north of Rancho Sabala. Cartel vehicles will come after you, though, so make sure you have a reliable vehicle before setting out. We’d suggest against using aircraft, as nearby SAMS could cause additional problems. Either way you decide to go, drive carefully to the Rally Point and drop Antonio off with Bowman for an intense cutscene.

Now that you’ve capture Antonio, you’ll unlock the Ladykiller, one of the best handguns in the game. You can also find out how to unlock all the guns in the game with our weapon case location guide, or return to our Ghost Recon Wildlands guide for even more helpful articles and guides.

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