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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Classes – Everything You Need to Know

by Nicholas Barth

The highly anticipated title of Ghost Recon Breakpoint will soon be available for players across the world to experience. There are a wide variety of gameplay features players can take advantage of to help them gain the upper hand in any fierce battle they may find themselves in on the island of Auroa. One group of these features are known as Classes and allow players to have their character play precisely how they would like. 

Have you been looking for some help in figuring out what exactly each of the Ghost Recon Breakpoint classes has to offer? If so, check out everything you need to know below.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Classes

There are a total of four classes players can choose from in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Each of them provides unique gameplay traits for an array of playstyles. Do you enjoy being a life-saving medic or a scary accurate sniper? If so, there will be one class in the new title to satisfy what you are looking for when it comes to gameplay.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Classes

You can find all four classes, their class item, and the benefits they provide in Ghost Recon Breakpoint below:

Field Medic – Medkit

  • Revive Allies Faster
  • Carry Bodies Much Quicker Than Normal
  • Can Self-Revive When Downed

Assault – Gas Grenade

  • Extra Health
  • Assault Rifle and Shotgun Bonuses

Panther – Cloaking Spray

  • Stealth Attributes Bonuses
  • Quicker Movement Speed
  • Handgun and SMG Suppressors Do Not Cause Less Damage to Enemies 

Sharpshooter – Sensor Launcher

  • Allows Player Longer Breath Control When Aiming
  • Sniper Rifle and DMR Bonuses

Which of the Ghost Recon Breakpoint classes will you be using to battle Cole D. Walker and his Wolves? Let us know your battle strategy over on Twitter and Facebook! Are you looking for more coverage of the new Tom Clancy game? Be sure to check out our dedicated hub for the title. 

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