Get the Gold in WoW’s Dragonriding Races With One Simple Trick

Front row seat

Whether you’re completing Eastern Kingdom Cup races until the current event ends on October 17 or you like to shoot for the gold medal each time you do a Dragon Isles World Quest race, you might find yourself struggling to keep up with the break-neck pace of World of Warcraft’s dragon riding. When zipping around at eight times the speed of a typical mount, it can be pretty difficult to avoid a collision course with trees, hills, and other pesky environmental hazards. But I have a surefire tip that will make things a little more precise. Here’s how to get the gold in WoW’s dragon-riding races easily.

Use the First-Person Camera in WoW Dragon Races For Easier Maneuvering

What’s the simplest way to get more screen real estate and get that giant, hulking dragon out of your line of sight to see oncoming obstacles? Try your character’s point of view! Just zoom allllll the way in by scrolling your mouse wheel up until your character disappears and you’ll get a front-row seat to the action.

Once you have your view set, let’s take a look at how to move around easily. Hold right-click and steer using your mouse, NOT your keyboard! “Keyboard turning,” as it’s called, is a rookie mistake and should typically be avoided in all content.

Next, remember that Dragon riding still has maneuverability delay – your dragon won’t turn on a dime, exactly, so plan your movements with just a little bit of turning lag in mind.

Finally, your hitbox is lower than your camera makes it look. Keep your camera well above obstacles like hills and trees, or your ride is going to come to a very sudden halt.

It takes some adjusting to get used to flying this way, but being able to see both the rings and the indication of the next checkpoint more easily makes a world of difference when trying to shave off milliseconds from your time. If you’re gunning for Eastern Kingdom Cup rewards, check out our guide!

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