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How To Get The Long Goodbye In Destiny 2

by Prima Games Staff

There’s little more intriguing than the hunt for a new weapon in Destiny 2, though often you’ll be left scratching your head over how to earn it. In the case of The Long Goodbye sniper rifle, it can only be earned by completing the Insight Terminus Nightfall. Sadly, even if you’re capable of blitzing through that The Long Goodbye isn’t a guaranteed drop. Thankfully you can improve your odds of earning it. In this guide, we’ll teach you the best way to get The Long Goodbye in Destiny 2.

For starters, if you want to unlock this Arc sniper rifle, you’ll need to complete the Insight Terminus Nightfall on weeks where the weapon is active as a drop. Rather than grinding the Nightfall to complete it as fast as possible, you can increase your chances of earning the weapon by improving your score in the Nightfall, as confirmed by Bungie themselves in the 1.1.4 patch notes.

Reaching higher score thresholds will increase your chances of earning the drop, so if you really want the best chance you should aim for a score of 100K or above. You’ll still be able to earn the drop if you can’t manage to score highly, but your chances of getting the Nightfall-specific loot will be reduced. That means anyone who hasn’t got a high enough Power Level will still be able to take on the Nightfall and have a chance of receiving The Long Goodbye, they might just need to grind for longer.

Running through the Insight Terminus Nightfall might get a bit dull after a while, so don’t ruin your fun by forcing yourself through it too many times in a row. Now that you know how to get The Long Goodbye, fill the rest of your time by completing some of the other Destiny 2 activities we have guides for! Click here to see everything we’ve written for the game.

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