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Get Even Endings – Get the Good and Bad Endings

by Josh Hawkins

Like many games of the horror and thriller genres, The Farm 51’s psychological shooter, Get Even, allows users to obtain one of two possible endings. There is the games “bad” ending, as well as the game’s “good” or “true” ending. In this article we’ll go over both of the Get Even endings, how you can obtain them, and what requirements you’ll need to meet for each one.

How to Get the Bad Ending

As you play through Get Even, you’re really only given two main paths that you can follow throughout the story. You can either play through it as a shooter, simply shooting down every person that you come into contact with, or you can play through it without killing a single enemy. If you choose to play through the game like a shooter, and take down every enemy that you encounter, you’ll begin to create what the game calls “distortions”. This ruins the memories that you’re having, and therefore grants you with the “bad ending” of the game.

This is fairly easy to accomplish. Simply use your weapons to kill any enemies, and always do the opposite of what Ramsey recommends. If you complete the game this way, then you’ll unlock the game’s “bad ending”.

How to Get the Good Ending

Acquiring the good or “true” ending of the game is a bit tougher to accomplish, as it actually relies upon your abilities as a stealth player. If you want to get this ending of the game, you will need to listen to Ramsey when he tells you to do—or not to do—something. You’ll also need to make sure that you do not kill any enemies that you encounter, which means sneaking around will be your only option. Obviously, this ending will be much more difficult to obtain, and while it can be a bit annoying having to sneak through everything, it’s the best way to play the game if you want the “true” ending of the experience.

Now that you know how to get both endings in Get Even, it’s time to decide which path best fits your play style. If you’re unsure, then we’d suggest playing through the game violently the first time, and then return to it and play through it again later for the good ending. This will give you two distinct playthroughs, which will offer even more enjoyment out of the game.

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