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Genshin Impact The Recollector’s Path Event Guide and Rewards

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by Patrick Souza
Genshin Impact The Recollectors Path Event

Following up on the release of the newest area in Genshin Impact, the game receives yet another event happening in that region. The Girdle of the Sands is the setting for The Recollector’s Path event in the game, where we use our befriended Pari, Sorush, to solve various puzzles just like we did when exploring. But this time, we get lots of extra Primogems at once.

And just as you might expect, unlocking Sorush is a must for participating in this event, so you better be up to date with the patch’s current missions. They’ve been out for some time now, and Sorush is obtained right at their beginning, so it’s not that hard to do it. Unless you’ve been too long on a certain turn-based game from the very same company. Here’s The Recollector’s Path Event Guide for Genshin Impact.

How to Participate in The Recollector’s Path Event in Genshin Impact

The event is available for all players who have reached Adventure Rank 20 and completed “The Splendorous Sky That Day” quest in the desert areas added in the 3.6 version. You don’t need to finish the whole chain, just completing the first mission (and consequently unlocking Sorush) is enough. The event does contain spoilers for some further events in the questline, though.

With that, the quest “The Recollector’s Path” should now be available, so follow it to unlock the various trials for Sorush and you to complete together through six different days (or knock’em all at once if you like).

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The Trials consist of puzzle-solving just like your regular Sorush exploration. Complete the objectives which range from scaring enemies away to completing race challenges. Pay attention to the current stage’s hints to make the most out of your scenario. Using your Nirodha Fruits over the Enraged Flowers during the first stage is the best way of getting rid of various Hilichurls at once, for example.

The second part is more of a “arrange the picture” kind of minigame, where you get an image and needs to match it with somewhere in the area. Pretty simple and rewarding, too.

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All The Recollector’s Path Rewards

Completing each stage of The Recollector’s Path gives us various rewards, which include Primogems, Hero’s Wit, Mystic Enhancement Ores, Sumeru Weapon Ascension Materials and Mora. You get up to 60 Primos per trial day, adding up to the total amount of x420 Primogems, just like in most minor events. Other rewards have varying amounts, so treat them more as a bonus!

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