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Genshin Impact Narzissenkreuz Adventure Featured

Genshin Impact The Narzissenkreuz Adventure Quest Guide

Playtime has never been so cyclic

The underwater pathways in Fontaine house various secrets of their own, with one of them being the World Quest The Narzissenkreuz Adventure, located in the underwater area of Genshin Impact’s newest region. It grants access to a few more hidden areas, as well as setting up the stage for more quests to come. In case you might need some help, here’s everything you’ll need to do in the Narzissenkreuz Adventure questline in Genshin Impact.

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Genshin Impact: The Narzissenkreuz Adventure Fontaine Quest Guide

This quest is divided into three separate acts. The final one is mostly figurative as there’s little to do in it.

Act I 

You can start the quest by swimming nearby the cave entrance in Chemin de L’Espoir in the Court of Fontaine waters. Ann will speak with you as soon as you enter the cave, automatically initiating the quest.

Screenshot by Prima Games

The first objective is to save Petit Chou from other Oceanid enemies. This will be a constant in this questline, so bring suitable characters to deal with Hydro. The water will come down, and you get access to the protective crystals. 

Hit them to spawn walls that defend you from the Mist Bubbles’ attacks. This will let you cross over to the next objective, which is basically saving two more companions from attacking creatures.

Genshin Impact Narzissenkreuz Adventure Formations
Screenshot by Prima Games

After meeting Al and Jak (and having a few long conversations), your goal is to deactivate three Bubble Formations in the area. The gameplay loop here is hitting a crystal > using the water planks to reach the target/avoid attacks > defeat a Hydro creature. Do it three times to complete the first step.

Now starting the second part, reach out for the bubble to get access to the upper part of the area with ceiling water (don’t know how it works either). Register your new Waypoint and head for the three “treasure” seals. Help the Mist Bubbles to get through the rings by hitting crystals, defeating nearby enemies, or using the animals’ borrowed powers to fight the currents.

Genshin Impact Narzissenkreuz Adventure Seals
Screenshot by Prima Games

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When you finally open the treasure, the way to the tower is now yours to conquer. Enter and be ready to fight consecutive Hydro enemies inside the room. Once you’re done with them, say goodbye to your companions as they sacrifice themselves to let you go further. Enter the door at the top of the tower to conclude the first act.

Act II

With the simple “keep moving ahead” objective, that’s pretty much what you’ll have to do for a while. Grab the Hydrograna to activate the crystals ahead and start exploring the area. You’ll run into obstacles such as another bubble formation, a few enemies, and seahorses enemies, and the first “loop” is complete as soon as you open the chest with the Green Feather Accessory.

Now you’re back in the starting room, but the elements in each room are gradually increasing (more enemies, more Hydro Crystals to activate, etc) the more your repeat them. Repeat up to three times to grab a Precious Chest from the seahorses’ room. 

Screenshot by Prima Games

From here, take the elevator but get off at the first exit you see instead of when it stops. Keep heading straight until you find a blue door. Enter through it and keep exploring until you can claim the Holy Blade of Narzissenkreuz.

Get back to the beginning and use the sword’s power to open your way through the “trap” mentioned, leading to a special Dragon (or should I say Oceanid) boss battle. You have an easier time hitting it with melee characters than with the regular Oceanid, but Bow characters are still dominant.

Once you beat it, go to the next room in the next room and investigate all of the clues until you’re finally prompted to read the figure book with Paimon. This will be the last thing you’ll need to do in this Act.


This is basically a victory lap. Once you start Mary-Ann’s Story, your objectives will be simple as speaking with the namesake girl a couple of times. Repeat it until the Traveler and Ann realize what’s happening, and you’ll be thrown out of the area forcibly. 

Genshin Impact Narzissenkreuz Adventure Ending
Screenshot by Prima Games

Swim your way through the current back to the tower’s entrance, where you will finally complete this lengthy questline, once and for all! You get the Ann in Wonderland achievement, as well as x30 Primogems and a few other minor rewards. 

At the end of the quest, Ann asks you to find the Narzissenkreuz Ordo to keep her story going. You’ll have to complete the Aqueous Tidemarks quest beforehand, which unlocks the Institute of Natural Philosophy as an explorable area where the Ordo is located.

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