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Genshin Impact ‘Tales of the Youkai’ Web Event Guide

Writer for a day (or a few days)

by Patrick Souza
Tales of the Youkai Featured

Along with the new and not-so-spooky Akitsu Kimodameshi event that Genshin Impact players are currently having, another related occasion has entered the room to give them some extra funds for little to no effort. Tales of the Youkai is the new Web Event available for a limited time to get those free Primogems, and this time they didn’t lock PC/console players out of it.

The Japanese culture-inspired mini-event is happening from December 21 to December 30, available for all players above Adventure Rank 30 to enter through this link. The gist of it this time is writing light novels about the encounters with Youkai that just happened in the main event.

How to Complete the Tales of the Youkai Web Event

Before you start writing, you’ll need some inspiration. And how do we do that? By playing video games, of course! Complete small tasks such as logging into the game daily, completing commissions, or challenging domains to obtain Inspiration in the bottom right corner of the screen. 

After that, you can use your earned Inspiration to write a new story about the chosen Youkai theme, such as Onis, Bake-danukis, or Kitsunes. The staff from the publishing house will work on your scribbles to turn into a decent novel to be published immediately, getting you a Paycheck and even netting some replies from readers.

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Tales of the Youkai Story
Image via Hoyoverse

A new story theme will be available daily, and rewards are obtained for creating at least one story for each of them, so make sure you won’t forget about coming back to the event page during the next few days. 

There’s a good chance you’ll forget about that since it’s the holiday season, but there’s plenty of extra time even if you miss some days.

The total rewards are x120 Primogems, x100.000 Mora, x10 Hero’s Wit, and x5 Mystic Enhancement Ore for completing every theme, which will be sent directly to your in-game mail. 

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