Genshin Impact: How to Get Encounter Points

Not the same encounters as those dating quests

Genshin Impact Encounter Points Featured

A new alternative for completing Daily Commissions was introduced in Genshin Impact 4.1. Instead of doing the same quests every day, you’re now rewarded by actively playing the game with Encounter Points. You get the same rewards by doing different activities every day, and many of them will contribute to your account in a positive way. Let’s see how Encounter Points work in Genshin Impact.

Encounter Points in Genshin Impact Explained

Encounter Points are a new system introduced in the 4.1 version. You can check them by opening your Adventurer Handbook (the book icon next to the Wish icon at the top of your screen). By earning them in various exploration activities, you receive the same rewards you would get from Daily Commissions.

This makes for a good alternative to break out of your daily routine. If you don’t feel like doing your dailies today because none of them are appealing or they won’t unlock any achievement you’re searching for, you can just start exploring the world and earn some Encounter Points instead.

Each Encounter Point counts as a completed Daily Commission, and you get the same amount of rewards you would with those. You can alternate between completing the Commissions you want and exploring around to get your rewards.

You won’t get any extra rewards after completing a Daily Commission if you already got the rewards from 4 Encounter Points. The only exception is if it’s an Achievement-related Commission, which might grant you said achievement if you meet all conditions.

Don’t forget to claim them in your Handbook as well, and getting 4 of them daily is the same as completing your usual Commissions.

How to Earn Encounter Points

You get these new points by completing any other non-Resin activity, such as opening chests, completing missions, and gathering Oculi. Here’s how many points each activity gets you:

  • Chests: 0.5 points each (any rarity)
  • Oculus and similar collectibles (Crimson Agates, Lumispar, etc): 0.5 points each
  • Quests: Varying (Archon,Story, and Hangout Quests give more points than World Quests)
  • Events: 0.5 points per reward

Opening eight chests is the same as completing your usual four Commissions for the day. Encounter Points are only valid for the day you complete them and will be lost in the following server reset.

Should You Complete Daily Commissions Or Earn Encounter Points?

This is a personal option, but making use of Encounter Points can be better for new/returning players who have lots of unexplored areas in their maps. As quick as they can be, Daily Commissions will still take your time and won’t work toward your overall map completion.

Even if you’re not aiming to 100% all areas, getting 10 Primogems for every two chests you open along with the chests’ own Primogems is not a bad deal. You can still complete your Dailies if you want, but now there’s another alternative that is particularly good for exploring new areas quickly.

Stick to the dailies if you prefer to keep things simple or have already exhausted all the content in the game. But having another option is always great since it also helps with some exploration achievements. And we got a lot of those in that same patch.

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