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Genshin Impact: How to Defeat the Dendro Hypostasis (Extreme) in Rondo of the Forest Corral

One of those few times where aggravating the problem is the solution.

by Patrick Souza

If you got here, it seems that you want to suffer a bit. The Hypostatic Symphony event in Genshin Impact has brought up some new challenges for those craving more endgame content. The Spiral Abyss alone can’t fill the void left by having overpowered characters that slash their way through each and every enemy the game can throw at you.

The Extreme difficulties for the Hypostasis were all a good change of pace from their regular counterparts. Some of them offered real pumped-up fights, while others were simply made even more annoying if that was possible. But they went out with a bang with the Dendro Hypostasis, which presented a somewhat different and fair challenge. Probably has something to do with it being a new boss. Well, here’s how you can beat it under 2 mins.

Dendro Hypostasis Extreme Difficulty Guide

Clear the Standard course and make quick work of the Fearless difficulty to unlock Extreme. These will prepare you for the upcoming fight, which is just slightly different from the usual version.

Special Rules:

  • Opponent’s HP and ATK are increased; Dendro Cores are always present and get Scorched over time.
  • Limited to 3 Dissonances
  • Its ATK will increase after 120s, and continues to increase for each 40s passed

Team suggestion: Zhongli, Keqing, Nahida, Fischl

Dissonance: Thunderous Chorus

Food: Jade Parcels, Golden Crab, Sticky Honey Roast, Shocking Essential Oil

You’ve noticed from Fearless that, unlike the regular fight, the Dendro Cores that usually appear at the end of the fight are already there. You can activate those with Dendro to create healing fields which can be intensified with Electro. Doing so will also grant you extra ATK while standing on that field.

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With that said, your best bet is to always try to fight inside those as it gives you huge advantages. They’ll go inactive periodically, but a single Nahida hit can get them back. That happens roughly after 2 of its attacks, so be prepared. Any Dendro works here, Nahida’s just the better choice due to her Normals being enough to do the job.

Most of the Dendro Hypostasis attacks are easy to dodge but don’t get sloppy. Zhongli’s here to avoid accidents but even an Archon can’t unstomp someone. Also, be careful when reactivating the Cores as they damage characters standing on them.

Rondo of the Forest Corral Battle Genshin
Screenshot by Prima Games

Electro teams are the best choice for the constant Aggravate reactions and for closing the fight, but feel free for using Pyro teams with the Accented Beat Dissonance. Hydro teams are also encouraged, but since Bloom doesn’t hurt the boss, it might be better to go with other options.

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Speaking of Dissonance, save it for the tree attack, which exposes it the most. Two uses should be enough to deplete its health. When it enters the revival phase, all the Cores will be scorched once again, so activate them with Electro and make sure to apply it to the Orbs thrown at you to make things easier.

You can’t go wrong with Raiden, Yae or any other Electro users here, so just pick your favorite. Those two can also make quick work of the revival phase with their Skills, so pick your favorite. Extreme’s all about the fun, so go for it!

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