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Genshin Impact Fungus Mechanicus Event Guide and Rewards

It's almost like those Pokemon Tower Defense flash games

by Patrick Souza

Remember the old Pokemon – Fungi event from a few updates ago? What about the tower defense minigame from Theater Mechanicus? It’s time to welcome them back in the most unexpected collab ever. Fungus Mechanics is the newest Genshin Impact event which merges two of the past minigames into a new experience that gives us quite a few extra gems.

But instead of simply mashing the elements from both of the past events, this one ends up being a completely different thing. This time, you play as the enemies (the Fungi) to defeat the Elemental Towers. It might not be what people were expecting, but it’s something new and different at least. Onto the battlefield!

How to Access the Fungus Mechanicus Event

To unlock this event, you must first reach Adventure Rank 30 or higher and complete Liyue’s Archon Quests, ending in “A New Star Approaches”. Completing Sumeru’s Archon Quest (ending in “Akasha Pulses, the Kalpa Flame Rises”) is recommended, but you can begin to play the event with the Quick Start option if you haven’t.

With this, you’ll get access to the “Old Friends, New Game” quest in Port Ormos, where you’ll play the first tutorial for this game. You’ll only get access to two Fungi first, but more will be unlocked later. New stages, as well as more elemental fungi, are made available as each day passes, so you might as well wait until the whole event is available before tackling it.

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Each stage will display your opposing Mechanici and your available Fungi, as well as give you a few tips about which Fungi you should choose for the stage. Click on the Mechanici to choose it as your target, and select your own Fungi to use their skills. Using those will spend your Marvelous Gels, but you can get more of those around the stage.

You can clear the tutorial fight with a few hits of your Pyro Fungi, and the subsequent levels are unlocked right after that, in which you’ll now have to start thinking a little bit more about each team.

Fungus Mechanicus Rewards

The total rewards include the usual x420 Primogems, a large sum of Mora, Hero’s Wit, Sumeru Weapon Ascension Materials and a few Artifact Experience flasks. There’s no unique furniture for this event as a reward, but at least you get to see your old fungi once again (and have them battle again for your own pleasure).

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