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Genshin Impact Fulminating Sandstorm Event Guide and Rewards

The perfect season for killing earth worms

by Patrick Souza

The newest event in Genshin Impact has arrived in the desert. Fulminating Sandstorm is another mid-update activity to give players something to do if they don’t feel like exploring the new desert areas just yet (or have just cleared it completely already). In this combat-exploration event, various elements are mixed up to make sure it’s not just another mindless killing-fest of an event.

Genshin Impact Fulminating Sandstorm Event Guide

The event can be accessed by all players at Adventure Rank 28 or higher who have completed the “A New Star Approaches” Quest in Liyue. If you’re done with that, complete the starting quest “The Culling of the Worms: Proposal” in Aaru Village in the desert areas of Sumeru to begin. New stages are unlocked daily after you have completed the previous ones.

Aside from being a smaller-scale event, its main gimmick is that new elements are added in each new stage. The initial phase will have you simply defeating monsters while gathering the missing components, while the second adds Wenut attacks for you to watch out for when heading to the objectives, and so it goes.

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Each new stage is locked behind some conversations with the researchers, and after witnessing their constant arguing, you can head into battle. Four-Leaf Sigils are strategically placed all around the areas, and plunging attack buffs are placed so you can get them as soon as you pass through the sigil. Use them to clear the first waves of monsters quickly. Each stage features three full waves with a side objective to collect/interact with.

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Fulminating Sandstorm Rewards

The full rewards include x420 Primogems, a big amount of Mora, Hero’s Wit, Sumeru Weapon Ascension items, and Mystic Enhancement Ores, all distributed through the event’s various stages. Complete the new stages daily, and don’t forget to claim them in the Event tab, as they’re not distributed automatically. 

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