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Genshin Impact 4.3 Full Patch Notes Listed

Careful, they have guns now!

The main Fontaine story might be over, but there are still many tales to be told in Genshin Impact. The newest 4.3 update, “Roses and Muskets”, brings two new characters to the banners, as well as some other events and a lot of quality-of-life changes.

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Genshin Impact Version 4.3 Patch Notes

〓Update Details〓

I. New Characters

5-Star Character “Helm of the Radiant Rose” Navia (Geo)

◇ Vision: Geo

◇ Weapon: Claymore

◇ The current President of Spina di Rosula, who is lovely, dutiful, and a great boss.

◆ Elemental Skill: Ceremonial Crystalshot

◆ When a character in a party with Navia obtains an Elemental Shard created from the Crystallize reaction, Navia will gain Crystal Shrapnel. When she fires, Navia will fire multiple Rosula Shardshots that can penetrate opponents, dealing Geo DMG. The more Rosula Shardshots that strike opponents, the greater the DMG dealt to them. Unleashing Navia’s Elemental Skill will consume accumulated Crystal Shrapnel stacks, and the number of Rosula Shardshots and DMG dealt by “Ceremonial Crystalshot” will be increased based on the number of Crystal Shrapnel stacks. Hold the Elemental Skill to enter Aiming Mode and continually collect Elemental Shards nearby.

◆ Elemental Burst: As the Sunlit Sky’s Singing Salute

◆ Call for a magnificent Rosula Dorata Salute. Unleashes a massive cannon bombardment on opponents in front of her, dealing AoE Geo DMG and providing Cannon Fire Support for a duration afterward, periodically dealing Geo DMG. When cannon attacks hit opponents, Navia will gain 1 stack of Crystal Shrapnel.

4-Star Character “Executor of Justice” Chevreuse (Pyro)

◇ Vision: Pyro

◇ Weapon: Polearm

◇ The captain of the Special Security and Surveillance Patrol, who wears justice as an ever-present seal upon her heart. Her musket shall only ever point at the guilty.

◆ Elemental Skill: Short-Range Rapid Interdiction Fire

◆ Fires at her opponent(s), dealing AoE Pyro DMG. If a nearby character in the party triggers an Overloaded reaction, Chevreuse gains 1 Overcharged Ball, increasing the AoE and DMG of her Elemental Skill. After Chevreuse fires a shot, she will continuously restore HP to the active character on the field.

◆ Elemental Burst: Ring of Bursting Grenades

◆ Fires an explosive grenade at opponents, dealing AoE Pyro DMG. After the projectile hits, it will split into many secondary explosive shells. These shells will burst after a short interval, dealing Pyro DMG.

II. New Equipment

1. New Weapons (Examples based on Refinement Rank 1)

Verdict (5-Star Claymore)

Increases ATK by 20%. When characters in your party obtain Elemental Shards from Crystallize reactions, the equipping character will gain 1 Seal, increasing Elemental Skill DMG by 18%. The Seal lasts for 15s, and the equipper may have up to 2 Seals at once. All of the equipper’s Seals will disappear 0.2s after their Elemental Skill deals DMG.

◆ During the event wish “Epitome Invocation,” the event-exclusive 5-star weapon Verdict (Claymore) will receive a huge drop-rate boost!

Ultimate Overlord’s Mega Magic Sword (4-Star Claymore)

ATK increased by 12%. That’s not all! The support from all Melusines you’ve helped in Merusea Village fills you with strength! Based on the number of them you’ve helped, your ATK is increased by up to an additional 12%.

◆ Ultimate Overlord’s Mega Magic Sword (Claymore) and its refinement materials can be redeemed in the event “Roses and Muskets.”

2. New Artifacts

Song of Days Past (4-Star and 5-Star)

◇ 2-Piece Set: Healing Bonus +15%.

◇ 4-Piece Set: When the equipping character heals a party member, the Yearning effect will be created for 6s, which records the total amount of healing provided (including overflow healing). When the duration expires, the Yearning effect will be transformed into the “Waves of Days Past” effect: When your active party member hits an opponent with a Normal Attack, Charged Attack, Plunging Attack, Elemental Skill, or Elemental Burst, the DMG dealt will be increased by 8% of the total healing amount recorded by the Yearning effect. The “Waves of Days Past” effect is removed after it has taken effect 5 times or after 10s. A single instance of the Yearning effect can record up to 15,000 healing, and only a single instance can exist at once, but it can record the healing from multiple equipping characters. Equipping characters on standby can still trigger this effect.

Nighttime Whispers in the Echoing Woods (4-Star and 5-Star)

◇ 2-Piece Set: ATK +18%.

◇ 4-Piece Set: After using an Elemental Skill, gain a 20% Geo DMG Bonus for 10s. While under a shield granted by the Crystallize reaction, the above effect will be increased by 150%, and this additional increase disappears 1s after that shield is lost.

III. New Domain

Domain of Blessing: Waterfall Wen

◇ An ancient ruined city that was once used by a now-bygone secret order as an ad-hoc site of assembly. Now, all that remains to rule the roost are beasts bereft of language or intellect.

◇ Unlock Criteria (satisfy any one of the criteria below to unlock):

• Reach Adventure Rank 22 or above

• Complete Archon Quest Prologue: Act III “Song of the Dragon and Freedom”

◆ Challenge the Domain to obtain artifacts in the “Song of Days Past” and “Nighttime Whispers in the Echoing Woods” sets.

IV. New Main Story

1. New Story Quest

Navia’s Story Quest – Rosa Multiflora Chapter: Act I “Braving the Tides Together”

Permanently available after the Version 4.3 update

◆ Quest Unlock Criteria:

• Reach Adventure Rank 40 or above

• Complete Archon Quest Chapter IV: Act V “Masquerade of the Guilty”

2. New World Quest

New World Quest

◆ New World Quest: “Leroy” Quest Chain

V. Other Update Details

New Recipes:

○ Hotel Debord, Fontaine: Rainbow Macarons

○ Louis (NPC): Feast-O’s

○ Obtained From Event: Fontinalia Mousse

New Character Specialty Dishes:

○ Navia’s specialty: “Pick What You Like!”

○ Chevreuse’s specialty: “Sin: The Kind that Doesn’t Need to be Dealt With”

  • New Achievements added to the “Wonders of the World” category.
  • Adds Set 28 of “Paimon’s Paintings” chat emojis.
  • Adds some prompts for loading screens.

New Namecards:

  • “Navia: Rosula”: Reward for reaching Friendship Lv. 10 with Navia
  • “Chevreuse: Type II”: Reward for reaching Friendship Lv. 10 with Chevreuse
  • “Travel Notes: Time Inscribed”: Reward obtained via the BP system
  • New Item: “Swirling Scene in a Bottle”: Purchased from Tubby the teapot spirit via the Realm Depot after completing the Archon Quest “Lies Cast Shadows Under Gathered Lights.”
  • New Serenitea Pot Realm Layout: “Swirling Isles”: Unlocked after using the item “Swirling Scene in a Bottle.”
  • New “Recommended Sets” function on characters’ Artifacts screens, where recommended Artifact set information based on recently active players will now be shown as a reference to help Travelers when choosing Artifacts.
  • New “Artifact Locking” function, where you can add, set, and activate different Artifact settings by going into your Inventory > Artifacts > Artifact Auto-Lock menu. After you have activated “Artifact Auto-Lock,” you will automatically lock 5-star Artifacts that meet said settings upon gaining them.

“Genius Invokation TCG” Gameplay Update:

  • New Character Cards: Lyney, Lynette, Layla, Yelan, Alhaitham, Gorou, and their corresponding Talent cards. Corresponding invitation duels and guest challenges have been added to the Player List.
  • New Character Cards: Dvalin, Azhdaha, La Signora, Eremite Scorching Loremaster, Thunder Manifestation, and their corresponding Talent cards. Their Tavern Challenges have also been added.
  • Numerous Action Cards have been added which can be purchased from Prince at The Cat’s Tail.
  • New Card Box “Fontaine” can be purchased from Prince at The Cat’s Tail after reaching Player Level 8.
  • Adds 12 new Open World Players. Reach Player Level 3 to unlock 4 new Open World Players located at Windwail Highland, and reach Player Level 10 to unlock the other 8 Open World Players located at Romaritime Harbor and the Court of Fontaine.
  • The Forge Realm’s Temper is once again available. The theme of this edition is “The Forge Realm’s Temper: Game of Wits”:
  • (1) During The Forge Realm’s Temper: Game of Wits, some stages will have special victory and defeat conditions. Adeptly adapt your tactics to complete the challenge and avoid the conditions for defeat!
  • (2) Within The Forge Realm’s Temper: Game of Wits event stages, there will also be special rules that can easily exert influence on the tempo of the match. Fully utilizing these special rules will contribute greatly to your success.

Spiral Abyss

  • The “Marechaussee Hunter” and “Golden Troupe” Artifact set rewards in “Domain Reliquary: Tier I” and “Domain Reliquary: Tier II” for Spiral Abyss Floors 9–12 will be replaced with the “Song of Days Past” and the “Nighttime Whispers in the Echoing Woods” sets.

Floor 11 Ley Line Disorder changed to:

• All party members receive a 75% Geo DMG Bonus.

  • Updated the monster lineup on Floors 11 – 12 of the Spiral Abyss.
  • Starting from the first time that the Lunar Phase refreshes after updating to Version 4.3, the two Lunar Phases will be as follows:

Phase I:

  • Sturdy Moon
  • After a character obtains an Elemental Shard created by the Crystallize reaction, they will gain the Redoubtable state. Active characters in this state deal 15% increased DMG. This state lasts for 8s and can stack up to 3 times, with the duration of each stack counted independently.

Phase II:

  • Bursting Moon
  • After a character obtains an Elemental Shard created by the Crystallize reaction, it will be counted. When the count reaches 3, a shockwave will be released at the character’s location, dealing True DMG to nearby opponents, and resetting the count. 1 such shockwave can be triggered every 6s.

〓Adjustments & Optimizations〓

● Enhancement Systems

  • Pop-ups will no longer appear when carrying out enhancements from the Character Leveling, Weapon Enhancement, and Artifact Enhancement screens. Enhancement information will be integrated into the original screen instead.
  • When previewing rewards for defeating Enemies of Note and bosses, Character Level-Up Materials will appear nearer to the front.
  • Each time you enhance a weapon, you can now consume up to 40 materials instead of just 20. You will also be able to select multiple Refinement Materials at the same time when refining weapons.
  • Adjusts the Weapon Refinement Mora consumption rules: When using a Weapon with a Refinement Level that isn’t 1 for refining other Weapons, the amount of Mora consumed will be converted based on the Refinement Level (e.g. before the update, refining 4-star Weapons with an original Refinement Level of 1 would always cost 1,000 Mora, regardless of the Refinement Level of the Weapons being used as Refinement Materials. After the update, the amount of Mora required will be converted based on the Refinement Materials).
  • On the Character > Level Up screen, the speed of special effects when leveling up characters has been increased, and you can now use Auto Add to add sufficient Character EXP Materials to get the character up to the highest level they can currently reach with a single click.

● Artifacts

  • On the “Artifact Enhancement” screen, you can now add up to 15 Artifacts each time you enhance an Artifact.
  • The “Enhance to Next Tier” function has been added to the “Artifact Enhancement” screen: After this function is enabled, when there are still open slots to add Enhancement Materials but the current action will already cause the Artifact to reach Level 4/8/12/16, no more additional Enhancement Materials will be automatically added beyond those necessary to reach the next tier.
  • From the Paimon Menu > Settings > Other, you can choose whether or not 5-Star Artifacts can be auto-added as Artifact Enhancement Materials.
  • The filter function on the Inventory > Artifacts screen has been adjusted: Interactivity logic has been updated to support more filter conditions, as well as filtering multiple sets at the same time.
  • You can now select up to 3 affixes when sorting Artifacts (previously, you could only select a maximum of 2).
  • On the Crafting Bench’s “Mystic Offering” screen, you can now add multiple Artifacts at the same time with a single click.
  • Travelers can also read Version 4.3’s “Artifact Auto-Lock and Filter Function Update Preview” that was previously published to learn more about the updated Artifact Auto-Filter and Locking functions.
  • Adds Multi-Select Mode to the Serenitea Pot’s editing screen, allowing you to drag-select multiple furnishings to move, store, and create custom sets in bulk.
  • Optimizes the logic of the Serenitea Pot’s editing screen: When in Single-Select Mode, clicking the blank area will confirm placement, whereas clicking another furnishing will switch to selecting the corresponding furnishing.
  • Adds serial numbers to the Serenitea Pot’s Replica screen.
  • In the Serenitea Pot, when your Realm Currency is full, the NPC Tubby’s dialogue option for going to redeem it (“Trust Rank”) will light up.
  • Optimizes the Serenitea Pot’s Furnishing Schematics screen.
  • a. When you’ve started creating furnishings or switch back to the Furnishing Schematics screen from another furnishing creation screen, the list of Furnishing Schematics will no longer refresh and cause you to lose your selected position.
  • b. A source link to the “Convert Wood” screen has been added for wood materials on the Furnishing Schematics screen.
  • c. On the Furnishing Schematics screen, Teapot Spirit Trust Rank markers will no longer be displayed for furnishings that you haven’t made before but are currently in the process of making (if you cancel creation before they’re finished, the marker will show again).

● Genius Invokation TCG

  • Even if you haven’t unlocked the Dynamic Skins for the Character Cards “Cyno,” “Tartaglia,” “Xiao,” and “Wanderer,” the card portrait will still change with the skill effect after using certain skills.

● Other Systems

  • Adjusts the scroll bar’s response area on certain screens.
  • On the map screen, you can now check bosses’ current remaining respawn times by clicking their avatars.
  • Chat records from before the current day will now show the year, date, and time (previously, only the date and time were shown).
  • On the Crafting/Cooking/Forging/Create Furnishing screens, if there are no selected character records on the Traveler’s device, the first character that can provide a bonus when creating the selected item will be chosen by default.
  • Adds the “Claim All” button to the “Dispatch Character on Expedition” screen, allowing you to claim Expedition Rewards with a single click. You’ll also be able to use the “Dispatch Again” button on the “Expedition Results” screen to repeat expeditions with a single click.
  • Adds the “Claim All” button to the “Process” and “Forge” screens, allowing you to claim processed ingredients and forged items that have been completed with a single click.
  • Optimizes the interaction experience of the Adventure Handbook’s Enemies tab.
  • a. You can now select “Cancel Navigation” on this screen to stop navigating towards a certain enemy on the map and the corresponding avatar (except boss enemies) will no longer appear on the map.
  • b. Adjusts the way enemies’ avatars display so that more can be displayed.

● Audio

  • Optimizes the voice-over performance when the Character Card “Tartaglia” uses his Elemental Burst under different stances in Genius Invokation TCG.
  • Optimizes the audio performance when the combat phase changes in the Trounce Domain “Shadow of Another World.”

● Other

  • Adds a new HP icon style for “Local Legend” enemies.
  • Adds related tutorials for “Local Legend” enemies.
  • Adjusts the lineup of opponents in the Ascension Domains for Adventure Ranks 45 and 50.
  • Reduces the Max HP of opponents in the Ascension Domain for Adventure Rank 45 and increases the time remaining for Time Trial Challenges in said Domain.
  • “The Chasm Delvers” quest series will no longer be prerequisites for the Archon Quest “In the Depths, an Unexpected Reunion.” When you reach the objective “Enter The Chasm: Underground Mines” in the Archon Quest “In the Depths, an Unexpected Reunion,” a Teleport Waypoint will be automatically unlocked in The Chasm: Underground Mines so you can continue with the Archon Quest.
  • When a Gadget cannot be used, its button icon will no longer be hidden. This means that when characters are moving underwater, you will no longer be prevented from quickswapping Gadgets due to the icon having disappeared because the current Gadget can’t be used.
  • Characters’ summons will no longer attack “Hydro Portals” in the open world.
  • Adjusts the barrier along the edges of the Spiral Abyss Domains: Upon approaching the barrier, the camera will not zoom in onto the character.
  • When entering Domains of Blessing, Domains of Mastery, Domains of Forgery, as well as when re-challenging these Domains, characters will now enter closer to the challenge location.
  • When re-challenging Domains, Trounce Domains, and the Spiral Abyss, if party members’ skills are in CD, the CD will be reset.

〓Genius Invokation TCG Balance Adjustment〓

  • Adjusts the Elemental Dice cost for the Event Card “Wind and Freedom”: The Elemental Dice cost required will be adjusted from 1 to 0.
  • Adjusts the Elemental Dice cost for the Event Card “Joyous Celebration”: The Elemental Dice cost required will be adjusted from 1 to 0.
  • Adjusts summon effects for the Character Card “Rhodeia of Loch”: Only 2 Hydro Mimics can exist simultaneously on the field now. Hydro Mimics: Frogs: The number of Usages that can decrease DMG taken by the active character is adjusted from 2 to 1.
  • Adjusts the HP of the Character Card “Fatui Pyro Agent”: Adjusted from 10 to 9 HP.
  • Adjusts the effects of the Equipment Card “Ocean-Hued Clam”: “When played: Heal the attached character for 3 HP.” has been adjusted to “2 HP.”
  • New effect for Support Card “Timaeus”: “When played: if your deck originally includes at least 6 Artifact cards, you will randomly also draw 1 Artifact Card from your deck.”
  • New effect for Support Card “Wagner”: “When played: if your deck originally includes at least 3 Weapon cards, you will randomly also draw 1 Weapon Card from your deck.”
  • New effect for Event Card “Stone and Contracts”: “When the Action Phase of the next Round begins: Draw 1 card.”
  • New tag added to the Character Card “Dehya”: The Eremites

〓Bug Fixes〓

● Enemies

  • Fixes an issue whereby, when the enemies “Pyro Slime” and “Large Pyro Slime” were defeated and knocked away at the same time, their explosion special effects would play abnormally soon.
  • Fixes an issue whereby, when the enemy “Hydro Hilichurl Rogue” was Frozen, there was a small chance that it would only stay Frozen for abnormally short periods.
  • Fixes an issue whereby the Knife Throwing ability of Treasure Hoarder Scouts would not unleash properly in certain situations.
  • Fixes an issue whereby there was a chance that Frost Operatives’ models would appear abnormally at longer distances.
  • Fixes an issue whereby, when multiple Wind Operatives unleashed the Windstrike Encore skill at the same time, the location of the skill AoE warning effect would be abnormal.
  • Fixes an issue whereby, when the Hydro Tulpa unleashed the Dissolving Surge attack, there was a small chance that the direction of the action would be abnormal.
  • Fixes an issue whereby there was a chance that DMG numbers wouldn’t display when certain characters inflicted DMG on the All-Devouring Narwhal (but the actual DMG inflicted was correct).
  • Fixes an issue whereby when challenging the Boss “Magatsu Mitake Narukami no Mikoto,” the active character will lose HP when another game interface is opened while they are within the shield deployed on the field.

● Characters

  • Fixes an issue with Charlotte whereby there was no related special effect when she was knocked away.
  • Fixes an issue whereby, when Shenhe was caught in an enemy’s bubble, the character model’s ribbon animation effect would be missing.
  • Fixes an issue whereby Salon Members invited by Furina’s Elemental Skill would appear abnormally dim under certain circumstances.
  • Fixes an issue whereby after Furina’s Lv. 6 Constellation is activated, the Plunge Hydro DMG dealt by her Plunging Attack can be erroneously overridden by infusion.

● System

  • Fixes an issue whereby there was a spot on Wriothesley’s portrait where the image layers were in the wrong order in the “Character Archive,” “Story Quests,” and other interfaces.
  • Fixes an issue whereby certain pieces of text were missing for the Archon Quest “Equilibrium” in the “Travel Log.”
  • Fixes an issue whereby, if characters entered combat and then went into or left a body of water, the disappearing animation for the Gadget “Itty Bitty Octobaby” would abnormally play an extra time.
  • Fixes an issue whereby, when characters sat down at benches in Fontaine, the game camera would abnormally see through the character models under certain circumstances.
  • Fixes an issue whereby, if the game disconnected from the server when characters went underwater, the game camera would appear abnormal when it reconnected.
  • Fixes an issue whereby, if certain characters were switched to other characters while underwater and then the player left the body of water, underwater environment effects would abnormally remain.

● Genius Invokation TCG

  • Fixes an issue in Genius Invokation TCG whereby the text color of certain Character Card skill descriptions was displaying incorrectly.
  • Fixes an issue whereby, when certain Character Cards used Dynamic Skins, details on the character’s face were not displaying clearly.
  • Fixes an issue whereby a Seamless Shield generated by the Character Card “Baizhu” would cause Character Cards that had already fallen to be abnormally affected by Dendro under certain circumstances.
  • Fixes an issue whereby certain special effects on the Dynamic Skins of the Event Cards “Fresh Wind of Freedom,” “In Every House a Stove,” and “Joyous Celebration” were displaying abnormally.
  • Fixes an issue whereby, after the Character Card “Yoimiya” equipped the Talent Card “Naganohara Meteor Swarm,” her third Normal Attack after entering the Niwabi Enshou state would not receive +1 DMG as it should.

● Audio

  • Fixes an issue whereby the skill sound effects of Furina’s Elemental Burst would abnormally cut off under certain circumstances.
  • Fixes an issue whereby the audio for certain scene elements was missing.
  • Fixes an issue whereby the music was incorrect in certain places in the “Weeping Willow of the Lake” sub-area of Fontaine.

● Other

  • Fixes a text error in “Character Story 5” in Neuvillette’s Profile > Story interface.
  • Fixes an issue whereby, while completing the Daily Commission “This Novel Is Amazing!,” the commission flow would be abnormal resulting in players being unable to complete the corresponding achievement under certain circumstances.
  • Fixes an issue whereby, after Electro Shards created by Crystallize reactions were absorbed, the special effect would appear abnormally.
  • Fixes an issue with Co-Op Mode whereby, when a Traveler used the abilities of Xenochromatic Fontemer Aberrants with certain characters, the other Traveler would be unable to see the skill animation.
  • Fixes an issue whereby, when characters that had equipped Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds changed outfits, some weapon special effects would abnormally disappear.
  • Fixes an issue whereby, after Neuvillette and Cyno had triggered the Bloodstained Chivalry 4-Piece Set Bonus, Stamina would still be consumed abnormally when performing Charged Attacks.
  • Fixes a text error on the Court of Fontaine: Fleuve Cendre Message Board in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, Spanish, Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese.
  • Fixes some text errors in certain languages and optimizes text. (Note: Related in-game functions have not changed. Travelers can view the changes in different languages by going to the Paimon Menu > Settings > Language and changing the Game Language.)

◆ Optimizes certain inconsistencies between voice-overs and their corresponding lines in Neuvillette’s Story Quest.

Good luck on your Navia pulls, you’ll probably need it!

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