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How to Chainsaw Enemies In Gears 5

by Liana Ruppert

Want to learn how to chainsaw enemies in Gears 5? We’re here to help, don’t you worry. Running and gunning is fine but if you want that gruesome Gears of War action, you’re going to want to get your chainsaw on and as soon as possible. 

For those unfamiliar with Gears, its iconic Lancer weapon is beyond a fan-favorite (I own every replica and I’m not ashamed, with my latest addition pictured below because I have to nerd out), and not just because of its design. THere’s a chainsaw attachment that makes it the peak melee weapon and though this feature is still in-game, the Coalition has changed it up a little bit in a way that might be confusing for some.

How to Chainsaw Enemies In Gears 5

Instead of B, which is what the prompt usually was, players can now trigger the chainsaw feature by hitting RB. This move is awesome and really allows for players to have more mobility in the battlefield. Simply hold RB when going up to an enemy, whether in the single-player campaign or in multiplayer. When right up on the enemy, tap that RB button once more and get ready for some mayhem.

The RB function also doubles as a reload option, which can make this execution-style a little more icky. Hit it at the wrong time, and you’re going to be reloading in an enemy’s face rather than hacking them to death. Reloading instead of attacking? Yeah, you gonna die friend. 

While some may lament the B days, the RB functionality makes a lot more sense. PC players, of course, don’t have to worry about that because it’s always been a console exclusive, so the prompt tutorial in-game about the chainsaw will be new to everyone and easy to follow. 

The new Gears 5 adventure officially kicks off on September 10th on Xbox One and PC. Are you excited? Learn more about the amazing game, including Dave Bautista’s role, right here with our Gears 5 Game Hub! 

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