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Gauntlet: Slayer Edition Tips and Tricks

by Prima Games Staff

Last year, WB Games and Arrowhead released an updated version of Gauntlet for PC, featuring the same co-op multiplayer action from the original arcade game, but with enhanced tweaks (special attacks) and large dungeons to explore. The concept remains about the same – stay alive, collect gold and don’t shoot the food – but with a contemporary theme.

This week, the experience comes to PlayStation 4 with a special Slayer Edition, which features all the action of the original with a few additions, including a new Story Mode interface and Hero Weapon Abilities, along with an extra layer of customization. 

On that note, these tips will help you stay alive in the world of Gauntlet! 

Know Your Characters 

Each character in Gauntlet brings a unique combat element to the experience. Wizard, while weak in strength, can make quick work of foes using magic attacks; the Elf can shoot arrows and throw bombs to destroy several foes in a single shot; the Warrior uses a large axe to chop demons, and a special attack where he turns into the equivalent of a lethal weed-whacker; and Valkyrie possesses both up-close strikes and ranged attacks, including a disc to hit multiple enemies at once. There’s also a Necromancer players will unlock, who can be used to summon assistants, including ghosts and archers; she can also be purchased separately for $4.99.

How you choose your character depends on your style of play. If you prefer striking enemies up close, the Warrior and Valkyrie are your best bets. If you prefer distant attacks, the Wizard and Elf can get the job done. For those seeking a layer of strategy, the Necromancer is right up their alley. 

Practice with each of the characters and see what they offer. Get used to their special techniques, then decide who to go with over the course of the game. No matter who you choose, you’ll play a key role in battle, since Gauntlet: Slayer Edition supports four-player co-op, just like the original. 

Using Skull Coins and Staying Healthy 

Once you lose a life in the game, you have two options. The first involves Skull Coins, which build up as you continue to make kills and collect treasure in the game. By doing this you’ll lose most of your loot, but you can re-collect some of it when these items appear upon your rebirth in the game. Note: you’ll only have a handful of these Skull Coins, and if you run out, it’s game over. That’s the second option – starting over again, but where’s the fun in that? 

The best thing you can do is keep close tabs on your health to assure you won’t succumb to enemies and use a Skull Coin. Throughout each stage, you’ll find food scattered throughout. Picking this up will refill some of your energy, to the point where you won’t teeter on death. It’s only temporary, though, so keep an eye out for even more food down the road – and once again, don’t shoot it! 

Finally, don’t be greedy! If an ally needs food more than you, make sure they get it. After all, if you don’t, you’ll be down one Skull Coin once they get back into the game, and that may cost you later down the road when you face tougher hordes.

Tip: Keep an eye out for collectible Skull Coins while playing the game. 

Avoiding Death isn’t So Easy 

One continuous figure that pops up in certain levels in Gauntlet: Slayer Edition is Death. He can’t easily be beaten because he swirls around the room with a guidance ring and pretty much kills you the second he touches your character, regardless of health. 

When he appears – and sometimes it’s often – you have two options. The first is quite simple – run! Staying out of his grasp is an ideal way to remain alive, although you may have to use your character’s dash attacks to cut down enemies in front of you. It’s worth it, as he’ll disappear and give you a moment to catch your breath before he returns. 

The second is to use a magic potion. You won’t find too many of these in the game, but when they appear, hurl one his way and he’ll vanish for a short time, allowing you to move on before he comes back. This is the most effective means for beating him, although you’ll need to be precise with your potion throw. 

Find Gold

Lastly, don’t hesitate to collect gold whenever you see it. You can build this up quickly and use it to buy items in the shop to improve your character’s performance and gear. 

There are new customization options as well, so you can deck out your character in new armor. Be sure to take the time to improve your looks!

Good luck, and enjoy the Gauntlet!

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