Garden Of Plenty Event Guide & Rewards in Honkai: Star Rail

Half the effort, double the reward

Star Rail Garden of Plenty Featured

Let’s be real for a moment, the base rewards for Calyxes in Honkai: Star Rail are too damn low. It takes you days of mindlessly farming the same battles, again and again, to level a single character’s Traces. And then you run out of money and have to farm more of them for Credits. But fortunately, the Garden of Plenty event is here to mend this situation, even if just a little bit.

During a whole week, players are incentivized to temporarily pause their Relic grinding to go and get other general resources for their characters. You don’t get doubled rewards every day. Here’s our guide on the Garden of Plenty Event for Honkai: Star Rail.

How to Participate in The Garden of Plenty Event in Honkai: Star Rail

The current Garden of Plenty runs from July 10 to July 17, 2023. All players who have Calyxes unlocked can participate in the event. Just head to your desired Calyx, either Crimson or Golden, and fight as usual. You’ll get double rewards for the first 12 cycles (or simply two x6 repetitions), which is basically getting rewards equal to 240 Trailblaze Power while using only 120.

Star Rail Garden of Plenty Rewards
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Make sure you’re always going for the highest available difficulty as these give out the best rewards. It can be even quicker if you bring a Support character to make things faster. The character’s owner gets some Credits in return, so there’s little to no reason not to get someone to help you out.

What Should You Farm in the Garden of Plenty Event?

Different from most gachas, Star Rail doesn’t force you to farm certain materials on specific days, so you can farm pretty much anything you want. But if you’re currently focused on leveling a single character to their fullest, getting their specific Ascension Material (such as Arrow items for a Hunt character) is the best call.

In my personal experience, Credits and character experience items (such as Traveler’s Guide) are always lacking, so I tend to farm those for this event. And I recommend you to do the same if you’re not sure of what to farm. General resources such as these will always be used for one character or another, so it’s never a bad farm.

It all comes down to finding a good balance between farming Crimson and Golden Calyxes. You’ll need both of them anyway, so as long as you’re farming them, you’re sure to be progressing. Just don’t neglect your Relics in the way, or you’re bound to have a bad time.

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