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Friday the 13th Game – How to Kill Jason

by Bryan Dawson

Many people have been wondering how to kill Jason in the Friday the 13th game. This article covers what we know about how to kill Jason in the Friday the 13th game and will be continually updated when more information becomes available. At the moment we know it’s possible to kill Jason, but that it requires a significant amount of effort on the part of players. Let’s go over the confirmed ways for how to beat Jason in Friday the 13th: the Game, as well as some theories we currently have. Stay tuned as we quickly narrow what works and what’s just a waste of time. Either way, killing Jason in Friday the 13th: the Game will win the match for you and earn a nice chuck of bonus XP.

How to Kill Jason


  • Female counselor must retrieve and wear Jason’s mother’s sweater.
  • One counselor must die or escape.
  • Attack Jason until his mask is removed.
  • Call in Tommy Jarvis and make sure the mask is in his inventory and a machete in-hand.
  • Activate the sweater in close proximity to Jason.
  • Stun Jason with a weapon attack.
  • Tommy Jarvis interacts with Jason to initiate a cutscene and secure the final blow.

There are quite a few ways you can survive and win the match as a counselor. One way that isn’t recommended, but that is possible is to kill Jason. Jason is not an easy player to kill, so you’ll have to work as a team if you want to make this happen. It’s also highly likely that at least a few players will die in the process of attempting to kill Jason, so be ready to take one for the team.

Before you attempt to kill Jason you need to have a few things setup in the game. First you need to head to Jason’s cabin where his mother’s remains are located. His cabin changes location and is not labeled on the map (unless you’re playing as Jason). Usually it’s to the far north or south of the map, but the location will vary. Once inside, move toward the dead body of Jason’s mother and collect the nearby sweater. It’s only possible for a female counselor to wear the sweater, but once you have the sweater you can begin the process to kill Jason.

You need to have at least one counselor die or escape so you can call them back as Tommy Jarvis. If he’s not in the game you cannot kill Jason. Once he’s there, the best way to start the killing process seems to be simply pummeling Jason with attacks over and over again. This will eventually knock off his mask, but it will take a considerable amount of attacking and broken weapons. Keep in mind, you cannot attack Jason while he’s stunned and even for a brief moment after he recovers from a stun.

Ideally you want to start attacking with Tommy Jarvis using the shotgun to stun Jason. It’s also possible to find a second shotgun somewhere around the map, but each shotgun only has a single shot. However, since the shotgun inflicts the most damage, it’s best to start with that if you’re trying to knock off his mask quickly.

When you use normal weapons against Jason, they will break after a few swings. Each weapon has a unique rating for stun, damage and durability. If you have several players with you, go for weapons that inflict high damage so you can take Jason down as quickly as possible. In this case that would be the shotgun, axe and machete. You should also enter the combat stance before you swing to make the unmasking process go faster. To do this press C on the PC, or press inward on the right analog stick on console (R3).

Once you have Tommy Jarvis in the game, you’ve retrieved the sweater, and Jason’s mask has been knocked off, have Tommy pick up the mask (if someone else has it, they need to drop it so Tommy can pick it up) and also find a machete. Now have the female counselor wearing the sweater to move close to Jason and activate the sweater (Y on Xbox, Triangle on PS4, Q on PC). Jason will attempt to attack the female counselor, but stop mid swing. At this point someone needs to hit Jason with a high damage weapon to stun him. Once Jason is stunned, Tommy Jarvis will be prompted to interact with Jason to deal the final blow.

Movie Kills

The developers have stated that Jason can be killed, but that they’re staying true to the movies as well. Some people believe that indicates there are special ways to kill Jason, just like in the movies. At present there’s been no proof that Jason can be killed in some special way. However, if any new information becomes available we will be sure to update this article. We are actively researching heading to Jason’s cabin and attacking the remains of his family so stay tuned for any updates.

Instead of trying to kill Jason you may want to just go for survival to win. Whatever your strategy, we’ve got everything you need to know in our Friday the 13th game hub!