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Friday the 13th Best Counselors – All Counselor Stats

by Bryan Dawson

There are quite a few counselors in Friday the 13: the Game. However, some counselors are better than others, so we’ve taken the liberty of gathering the best counselors in the Friday the 13th game. This article covers all counselor stats in Friday the 13th, as well as which are the best counselors in the game. If you know the best counselors in Friday the 13th, you’ve already got an advantage over the other players. Of course some opinions will vary, so we’ve broken down all of the counselor stats in Friday the 13th so you can decide for yourself which counselor best fits your play style. The Friday the 13th game counselors aren’t quite as fragile as in the movies, but some are definitely better than others.

Counselor Stats

Before we dig into which counselors are the best, we need to examine the counselor stats and what they mean. The counselors are rated in seven categories. Unlike many other games with character stats, almost every single stat is important in Friday the 13th. Some will have more importance depending on how you play, but they all factor into survival and escape.


  • Reduces the rate that fear increases and makes it easier to break free from Jason’s grab.

This is one of the most important stats in the game. When your character is completely terrified they lose the ability to use items that don’t activate automatically (pocket knife, maps, etc.), which means they can’t heal. You also lose the mini-map so you can’t determine where to run or how best to escape, and you can’t see your stamina, which means you don’t know how long you can run.


  • Increases weapon durability and gives minor increases to many other stats.

While the minor increase to other stats can help a bit, this stat is mainly for the increased weapon durability. If Jason does find you and you engage him in combat, you need to be able to stun him as many times as possible before your weapon breaks. If you’ve caught in a building you can probably find another weapon, but being caught out in the open means you probably only have whatever weapon you’re holding. Finding another weapon could be very difficult in that situation.


  • Increases repair effectiveness.

If you’re good at the repair mini-game, this stat isn’t as important as some of the others. With a high Intelligence stat you can repair things a bit easier, but even with a low Intelligence stat you shouldn’t have too much difficulty repairing the car, boat or phone box.


  • Increases overall top speed.

If Jason has the Shift ability available it doesn’t matter how fast you are. He can basically catch you no matter what if you’re close enough for him to sense you. However, that ability has a cooldown and it’s not always available. If you can stun Jason with a weapon, your running speed is important so you can get far enough away that he will have difficulty finding you again. Usually that means ducking into a nearby building and being as quiet as possible so he can’t sense you.


  • Increases overall stamina pool and reduces the stamina cost of actions.

The more stamina you have the longer you can run and the more actions you can perform before you have to stop and rest. While you shouldn’t be running very often because it’s easier for Jason to spot you, if you need to run from Jason, stamina can be a key factor is escaping.


  • Reduces the amount of noise generated and Jason’s ability to sense.

Stealth is arguably the most important stat for a counselor. With a high Stealth stat it’s more difficult for Jason to be alerted to your position. Jason has to be closer to you to see your noise indicators or find you with his Sense ability. Unless you’re really good at crouch walking everywhere and ducking into building making little to no noise, Stealth is very important.


  • Increases attack damage with weapons and reduces stamina cost of combat actions.

Lowered stamina for combat actions means you can fight off Jason longer, but unless you also have a high Luck stat for increased weapon durability, your weapon will likely break before you run out of stamina. However, having lower stamina for combat actions does mean you have more stamina to burn so you can run away after stunning Jason with a weapon. Basically, if you plan to attack Jason, a high Strength stat is important, but otherwise you should prioritize some of the other stats.

Counselor Composure Luck Repair Speed Stamina Stealth Strength
Vanessa Jones 3 6 2 10 9 1 4
Deborah Kim 5 3 10 4 3 9 1
Tiffany Cox 3 4 1 6 9 10 2
Kenny Riedell 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
Jenny Myers 10 8 2 3 5 6 1
Chad Kensington 1 10 2 9 4 6 3
A.J. Mason 7 1 7 4 4 10 2
Brandon Wilson 4 2 1 8 8 2 10
Eric Lachappa 4 5 10 3 2 8 3
Adam Palomino 7 2 6 5 4 3 8

Best Counselors

A.J. Mason

Friday the 13th Game A.J. Mason

With a 10 for Stealth and a 7 for Composure, A.J. doesn’t frighten easily and she’s difficult for Jason to find. In addition, she can quickly repair things to escape easily, and her Speed and Stamina stats aren’t terrible. If you’re plan is to run around the map as quickly as possible to find the items you need to fix the car, boat or phone, A.J. is your girl!

Jenny Myers

Friday the 13th Game Jenny Myers

Jenny has the highest Composure stat in the game. That means it takes a lot for her to succumb to fear and she can escape Jason’s grasp easier than any other counselor. She also has a high Luck stat, which means she has minor increases to her other stats, making her Speed a bit more manageable, and her Stealth and Stamina above average. She’s one of the best all-around counselors when it comes to the most important stats in the game.

Brandon “Biggzy” Wilson

Friday the 13th Game Brandon Wilson

As one of the fastest counselors in the game, with a high Stamina stat, Brandon can get around the map quickly. This is important if your main objective is to find the parts you need to fix the phone, car or boat and get out as quickly as possible. His Stealth isn’t great, so you’ll need to mindful of Jason finding you, but with a 10 rating for Strength and high Speed and Stamina stats, even if you get into an altercation with Jason, you can stun him and run, getting away easier than most other counselors.

Combine these top notch counselors with our survival tips and even our breakdown of how to kill Jason and you just might be able to survive. We’ll got even more strategies and advice in our Friday the 13th game hub!