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Fortnite X Batman Crossover Reveal YouTube and Twitch Stream

by Nicholas Barth

September 21st will be an exhilarating day for the Fortnite Battle Royale community. The reasoning for this excitement will be the official reveal stream for the highly anticipated Fortnite X Batman crossover event. Players will be able to experience an array of Batman challenges and content. All of this content will be revealed in the battle royale game’s Batman crossover event reveal stream on both Twitch and YouTube.

To help you prepare, we have everything you need to know about the YouTube and Twitch reveal stream covered below.

Fortnite X Batman YouTube Twitch Reveal Stream

Fortnite X Batman YouTube and Twitch Reveal Stream

Viewers will be getting their first look at everything that will be coming their way thanks to the Fortnite X Batman crossover at 5 AM PST/7 AM CST/ 8 AM EST on the event’s reveal stream. This broadcast will be available on the official YouTube and Twitch channels for the high-profile game. You can find an embedded version of the YouTube and Twitch channels below for your viewing convenience. 

Players watching the new Fortnite crossover event broadcast on YouTube’s platform will be able to earn an exclusive reward by having their account for the video-sharing platform connected to their Epic Games account. 

It remains to be seen what will be revealed during this Fortnite X Batman crossover event reveal stream taking place on YouTube and Twitch. However, dataminers in the battle royale title’s community have discovered that Tilted Towers will be transformed into Batman’s city of Gotham City. Also, an explosive Batarang and a grapnel gun will be added to the game’s loot pool. 

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