Fortnite has a new set of Week 4 challenges for Season 6, and one of them involves dancing on top of multiple locations, starting with a clock tower. This challenge unlocks in three stages, so you’ll have to be familiar with the map to complete all the steps. We’ll show you where to find a clock tower, pink tree, and giant porcelain throne in Fortnite so you can dance on top of each one and mark off this Week 4 challenge.

For the most part, this challenge will be completed on the southern half of the Battle Royale map. The challenge is broken down into three stages, forcing players to put in some extra effort to earn their Battle Stars. We’ve listed where to find each dance location below, along with images to help you visualize where to go.

Clock Tower Location 

Fortnite Clock Tower Challenge

First, you’ll need to land at a clock tower, which is the tallest structure on the south side of Tilted Towers.

Pink Tree Location

Fortnite Pink Tree

Next, make your way to Lucky Landing and make your way to the top of the large pink tree in the center of the area.

Giant Porcelain Throne Location

Fortnite Giant Porcelain Throne

Finally, head over to the north side of Flush Factory and dance on top of the huge toilet statue at the front of the complex.

Now that you know where to go to find a clock tower, pink tree, and giant porcelain throne in Fortnite, all you need to do is perform a dance emote on top of each location in the order they are listed. You’ll be rewarded with Battle Stars for dancing atop each one. 

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