As you work your way through Fortnite’s Chapter 2 Season 5 Week 11 Challenges, you’ll eventually be tasked with serving Fishstick and his date a fancy dinner at any restaurant. When you interact with the task in your list of Quests, several restaurant locations will pop up on your map.

When you get to one of these, you may be confused about the actual “serving dinner” part of the task. To help simplify everything, we’ve put together a guide explaining how to serve Fishstick and his date a fancy dinner in Fortnite! 

Fortnite Week 11 Challenges | How to Serve Fishstick and his Date a Fancy Dinner 

The first step to completing the Fortnite Week 11 Challenge where you need to serve Fishstick and his date a fancy dinner at any restaurant is visiting one of these restaurants.

As mentioned above, you can interact with the Week 11 Challenge in your list of Quests to see several restaurant locations pop up on your map.

Any of these restaurants will work. For us, we decided to visit the restaurant located in front of Orchard Farmer’s Market.

The restaurant is surrounded by sand which you can sink into and hide if needed, and there are a decent amount of weapons and supplies in the restaurant itself should you need them. It worked out well for us.

The tricky part about this Week 11 Challenge is there’s no clarification on how to actually serve Fishstick. When you get to the restaurant, you won’t see Fishstick or his date. You also won’t immediately see a way to serve up a dinner.

To complete this Week 11 Challenge, you’ll need to explore the restaurant area and find a special decorated table that you can interact with. By interacting with this table, you’ll complete this Week 11 Challenge.

At the restaurant outside of Orchard Farmer’s Market, this table can be found outside on the right edge of the restaurant. In the image below, we’ll show you what the table looks like.

You can interact with this table like you would a Loot Chest, and interacting with the table is all you need to do.

Once you’ve successfully interacted with the table, this Week 11 Challenge will be complete and you’ll earn 20,000 XP as a reward. 

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