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Fortnite Storm the Agency Challenges: How to Complete

by Andrew Smith

With Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 2 set to come to a close in a few short days, Epic has released a small set of challenges to help bridge the gap. The Fortnite Storm the Agency challenges are a set of five missions that will require players to complete various objectives around the Agency. In this guide, we will explain how to complete all of the challenges and unlock the Storm the Agency rewards.

Fortnite Storm the Agency Challenge List

There are a total of five missions players will need to complete in the Fortnite Storm the Agency challenge set. Upon completing all five objectives, players will have unlocked the Shadow Seal Wrap, the Steel Shadow Pickaxe, the Shadow Stalker Glider, and tons of XP. Below is a list of all of the Fortnite Storm the Agency challenges. 

  • Land at the Agency
  • Survive 10 Storm Circles
  • Open a Faction-Locked Chest at Three Different Spy Bases
  • Swim Over Five Hatches at the Agency
  • Eliminate a Henchman at Three Different Safe Houses

As you can see, some of these challenges are rather simple, like surviving storm circles and landing at the Agency, but others will require a bit of dedicated focus. Keep reading for more information on where to find Spy Bases, Safe Houses, and Hatches. 

Open a Faction Locked Chest at Three Different Spy Bases

To complete this challenge, players will need to do two things: visit Spy Bases and open faction chests. We’ve got a detailed guide explaining exactly how to complete this challenge, but here’s the short version. 

In the list below we’ve included all of the Fortnite Spy Base locations and coordinates. Once you’ve arrived at one, you’ll need to scan a Henchmen, or disguise yourself as a Henchmen, at the ID locked faction chest. These are the long, flat chests with red ID scanners on the front.



The Rig


The Shark


The Agency


The Yacht


The Grotto


As you can see, there are five locations that you can visit. Simply pick the ones that you like best, grab a helicopter, and head that way. 

Swim Over Five Hatches at the Agency

I have some good news, this Fortnite Storm the Agency challenge is super simple once you know what to do. If you’ve visited the Agency recently, you may have noticed some hatches underwater while swimming towards the giant building. For this challenge, you simply need to swim over five different hatches in the water around the Agency and you’ll be good to go. 

Eliminate Henchmen at Three Different Safe Houses

This challenge will be rather simple as long as you know where to find the Fortnite safe houses. When you get there, simply eliminate (not just knock) a Henchmen and then make your way to the next safe house. Rinse and repeat this process until you’ve completed the challenge. 

In the list below, you’ll find all of the Fortnite Safe House locations and coordinates:



North of Holly Hedges 


Pleasant Park


East of Craggy Cliffs


East of Frenzy Farm


North of Misty Meadows


If you followed our instructions above, you should be well on your way to completing the Fortnite Storm the Agency challenges. If you haven’t started yet, don’t wait too long because Chapter 2: Season 3 is set to begin on June 4.

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