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Fortnite Stone Heads – All Stone Head Locations

by Larryn Bell

Although Fortnite Season 5 is coming to a close, there’s still time to finish up some challenges and level up your Battle Pass before the season ends.  One of the challenges for Week 9 of Season 5 tasks players with visiting different Stone Heads across the battle royale map. We’ll show you where to find all seven Stone Heads in Fortnite so that you can knock out this challenge and earn some last-minute XP for your Battle Pass.

All Stone Head Locations

Chances are, you’ve already visited the Stone Heads in Fortnite many times before. In fact, the Stone Heads have already been featured in previous challenges this season, namely the challenge to search where all the Stone Heads are looking. If you aren’t sure what to look for, the Stone Heads are exactly what they sound like: massive rock sculptures depicting faces, in the likeness of the Moai statues from Easter Island. 

There are seven Stone Head statues strewn across the battle royale map in Fortnite, and that’s how many you will need to visit to complete this challenge. We’ve indicated the Stone Head locations on the map below.

The Stone Heads in Fortnite are typically found atop a highrise or a hill. Some of the statues are also found encircled by trees or chests. They are fairly large, so you should be able to see them pretty easily from the air when landing from the Battle Bus. 

If you want to visit multiple Stone Heads in a single match, we suggest plotting out a route between several Stone Heads that are relatively close to one another. For example, you can start by visiting the statue near Lucky Landing, then make your way north to find the statue by Shifty Shafts, then head northwest to the one above Greasy Grove. Much of this will depend on where the storm spawns and the context of the match.

To visit each Stone Head in a timely fashion, consider hopping into an ATK or using Rift Portals to traverse the map quickly. You may be able to complete the majority of this challenge just by driving directly to each Stone Head location.

Once you have visited all seven Stone Heads in Fortnite, you will complete this Week 9 challenge and earn some Battle Stars and XP. If you’re struggling with some of the trickier challenges from Season 5, head over to our Fortnite Season 5 Challenge Guide for tips on how to complete the harder challenges. Don’t forget to find the treasure marked on the Shifty Shafts treasure map to finish up another challenge for Week 9.

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