One of the most significant changes which occurred with the start of Season X in Fortnite was the changing of how challenges are served up to the community. Instead of the traditional weekly challenge format of past Fortnite Seasons, Season X introduced Mission questlines where players can earn rewards for completing various challenges. The latest mission questline to be added to the popular battle royale game is called Spray and Pray. This new mission questline has tasked players to spray a total of three gas stations at locations across the game's map. Are you curious about where the locations of these Fortnite gas stations are? Be sure to check out these Spray and Pray gas stations and their locations below. 

Fortnite Spray Gas Stations Locations

Fortunately for the community of the high-profile battle royale title, there are plenty of locations on the Fortnite map where gas stations can be found. This means one or two dedicated games of finding these particular locations of gas stations should be enough to complete this Fortnite Spray and Pray challenge. 

You can find a visual representation of the areas where you can spray the necessary structures on the map of the battle royale title below:

Fortnite Spray Gas Stations Locations

A player could quickly complete this particular challenge in one match if they land at Pleasant Park and then make their way down south towards the edge of the snow biome. This path will also likely not be filled with two many enemy players throughout a match.

Knowing the locations of where you can spray gas stations in Fortnite will help you complete one of the newly added missions added to the battle royale game in Season X. Are you looking for more help navigating the world of the high-profile title? Be sure to check out all of our handy guides for the game which has taken over the world.