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Fortnite Season 9 Week 4: Secret Fortbyte

by John Cooper

Every week brings a new set of challenges to complete, a new loading screen to discover, and a new secret to find. This season brings with it a slight change of pace though, rather than alternating between banners and Battle Stars, the secrets this season are either Battle Stars or Fortbytes. That means that when you see the secret loading screen for the even-numbered weeks, it will lead you to another of the mysterious Fortbytes to add to your ever-growing collection. In order to find the Fortnite Season 9 Week 4 secret Fortbyte you need to have a good look at the loading screen… or just read this guide. 

Fortnite Season 9 Week 4 Secret Fortbyte

The secret loading screen this week depicts two characters in a desert with a drone behind them and a city in the far distance. This could only ever really be Paradise Palms, which is the largest named area in the arid desert and the most logical place, therefore, for the secret Fortbyte to be based on this loading screen. You can find it by heading to the city and then tracking down the ATM there, the Fortbyte is within the ATM which is next to the Keyboard King internet cafe. You may well have to destroy it before you can actually pick it up. Once you’ve picked it up you’ll have added it to your collection and you’re good to go on your way. 

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