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Fortnite Season 8 Week 1 Challenge: Volcano Vent Locations

by Prima Games Staff

Season 8 for Fortnite has kicked off with a new set of challenges to complete in Week 1, many of which pertain to the new locations on the map.  One of the first and easiest challenges you’ll be asked to complete is to use a Volcano Vent in different matches. It won’t take long at all to complete this task, so long as you know where the Volcano Vents are found. In this guide we’ll help you do just that by pointing out the best Volcano Vent location in Fortnite.

Fortnite Season 8 Week 1 Challenge: Volcano Vent Locations

Volcano Vents are a new addition in Season 8 of fortnite, and a fun one at that. Running over these air-spouting holes will send the player flying upwards into the air. Once launched you’ll be able to redeploy your glider, making them very handy indeed for moving around. To complete the Season 8, Week 1 challenge, you need to use a Volcano Vent in five different matches. That means so long as you know the location of one of them, you can reuse it in each game.

Fittingly, Volcano Vents can be found next to the new volcano that’s popped up in the northeast corner of Fortnite’s island. There’s little point in us directing you towards a specific vent, as the ground around the volcano is littered with them. All you need to do explore the land around the volcano (see the map below if you don’t know where that is) and look for one of these vent spewing out air. 

Once you know where it is, completing this challenge is as simple as dropping to that spot and riding the vent up at the start of each match. If you’re wanting to win the games you’re playing, we’d recommend going to grab some weapons and shields first though.

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