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Fortnite Season 5 – New Locations and Map Changes

by Larryn Bell

Fortnite Season 5 is upon us, and with the new season comes a handful of new locations and map changes throughout Battle Royale. Two new named locations, Paradise Palms and Lazy Links, have been added to the Fortnite map alongside several new unnamed points of interest and a brand new desert biome. 

Other locations, such as the dirt racetrack, have also been given a facelift. If you search the map closely enough, you may also spot some of the signs and objects that went missing at the end of Season 4, such as the NOMS sign and the infamous Durrr Burger mascot.

Fortnite Season 5: New Locations

We’ve compiled a list of images showing all the new locations added with Season 5 for those who want a quick glimpse at Fortnite Season 5’s new locations, landmarks, and map changes.

Paradise Palms

Fortnite Paradise Palms

Let’s start off with the biggest map change and named location of Fortnite Season 5: Paradise Palms. Moisty Mire has dried up, and a new desert location has taken its place. Paradise Palms is a high-end living area located in the heart of the new desert biome in Fortnite that has replaced Moisty Mire.

Fortnite Paradise Palms Dinosaurs

On your way to Paradise Palms in the desert biome, be on the lookout for some dinosaurs that greet you on the road in from the west. On the southern end, there’s a new western-style town that stands apart from the swanky living of Paradise Palms. 

Fortnite Paradise Palms Wild West

The desert biome creeps north toward Lonely Lodge, ending at what was once the dirt racetrack east of Retail Row. The racetrack has since been paved and is ready for players to burn rubber in their new ATK vehicles.

Lazy Links Golf and Recreation

Fortnite Lazy Links

Fortnite Season 5 has also introduced a new named location called Lazy Links. The flat farmland known as Anarchy Acres has been replaced with the new Lazy Links recreation area. As the name suggests, Lazy Links mainly consists of a golf course and country club. There are also tennis courts and areas to play with toys as well. 

Viking Ship

Fortnite Viking Ship

On top the mountain on the west side of the map stands a massive Viking Ship overlooking the waterfall at the south edge of the mountain. This is just above where the anchor appeared at the end of Season 4, hinting that something nautical was on its way through the rift. It turns out this is where the Viking-themed area would emerge in Fortnite, as there is a whole new village atop the snowy peak.

Dusty Divot – Season 5

Fortnite Dusty Divot Season 5

Dusty Divot, the crater location left behind at the start of last season, is now covered in lush greenery and marshes for Fortnite Season 5. Dusty Divot started out as an empty crater impact site that had little more than a research facility and loads of Hop Rocks. 

However, signs of life began to show in Dusty Divot throughout Season 4, as new trees began popping up gradually each week. Although the crater has not been filled in completely like other crater impact sites in Fortnite, it has much more cover than it did before.

Fortnite Season 5: Map Changes

Fortnite Season 5 Map Changes

Here is a quick overview of what the new Season 5 map looks like in Fortnite. The part that stands out the most is the beige desert biome in the southeast where Moisty Mire used to be. The World Cup soccer stadium has also been removed, and you can see where the Viking village was added along the west side.

Those are some of the major map changes and locations introduced to Fortnite at the start of Season 5. We will continue to scour the map for new Season 5 locations and landmarks and will update this article accordingly. 

If you’ve began exploring the new Season 5 map for yourself, make sure you purchase the Fortnite Season 5 Battle Pass to ensure you can unlock all of the rewards and outfits that this season has to offer. Also, check out the full list of Fortnite Season 5 Weekly Challenges to quickly complete some of the first Battle Pass challenges of the season, including finding the treasure marked on the Risky Reels treasure map in Fortnite.

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