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Fortnite – Search Between a Giant Rock Man, Crowned Tomato, and Encircled Tree

by Larryn Bell

One of Fortnite’s premium Battle Pass challenges for Week 5 of Season 7 sees the return of the triangulation challenge, where players must search a point between three landmarks to find a hidden battle star. This Week 5 challenge requires players to search between a giant rock man, a crowned tomato, and an encircled tree. Even if you have an idea of where those places are, it can be hard to pinpoint the exact treasure location, so we’ll explain where to go.

Giant Rock Man, Crowned Tomato, Encircled Tree Locations

The key to solving this challenge is to figure out where the three landmarks are in Fortnite and triangulate a point between the three of them to find hidden treasure. Here’s a quick rundown of the landmarks referred to in the clue:

  • The giant rock man is a pile of rocks shaped like a person found on a ridge between Tomato Temple and Wailing Woods.
  • The crowned tomato is the tomato head that tops Tomato Temple proper.
  • The encircled tree is a tree surrounded by several stones that is found atop a hill to the southeast of Tomato Temple.

Based on these landmarks, it seems pretty clear that the hidden battle star for this challenge is located near Tomato Temple on the east side. We’ve marked the location on the map image below.

Fortnite search between a giant rock man map

There is a covered bridge just to the east of Tomato Temple. The easiest way to locate the hidden battle star is by starting from the encircled tree and walking north toward the bridge. The battle star should pop up in the grassy area just before the south entrance to the bridge. Tomato Temple will be to the west.

Search between a giant rock man Fortnite

Once you find the battle star, collect it to complete the giant rock man, crowned tomato, and encircled tree challenge. If you haven’t completed the multi-staged challenge for Week 5 yet, be sure to head over to our guide on where to find the water, ranger, and air traffic control towers in Fortnite next. 

Larryn Bell

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