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Fortnite Road Trip Challenges – Battle Star Locations

by Larryn Bell

Like the Blockbuster challenges from last season, Fortnite’s Road Trip challenges for Season 5 reward players for completing an entire set of challenges in any given week. Each Road Trip Challenge you complete in Fortnite will reward you with a new loading screen, which points to the location of a hidden Battle Star. This guide will explain where to find the secret Battle Stars indicated by each Road Trip loading screen in Fortnite for those who want to easily collect these bonus stars. 

There are seven Road Trip challenges total, with a new challenge unlocking each week. To complete a Road Trip challenge, you must complete the full set of challenges in any week of Fortnite Season 5, which includes both the free and premium Battle Pass challenges in a given week. Completing all seven Road Trip challenges rewards you with an exclusive new skin, which hasn’t quite been discovered yet and thus remains a mystery until further notice.

Each Road Trip loading screen has a Battle Star hidden somewhere in its image, indicating where to find a bonus Battle Star somewhere on the map in Fortnite. It’s important to note that these hidden Battle Stars won’t be available to you unless you have completed the corresponding Road Trip challenge for that star, so don’t bother going over to the location until you’ve completed all the challenges in any given week for Season 5. 

Road Trip Challenge – One Week

Fortnite Road Trip Week 1

The loading screen for the Week 1 Road Trip challenge in Fortnite contains a picture of a person holding a map, which is the not-so-subtle clue pointing to a secret Battle Star location. To find the Battle Star, head west of the new Lazy Links location and look for an excavation site shaped like the one on the map in grid section E3. If you’re searching the right spot along the rocky ledges, a star will pop up from the ground.

Road Trip Challenge – Two Weeks

Fortnite Road Trip Week 2

If you complete all the challenges in any two different weeks in Fortnite, you will unlock the loading screen above. We’ve circled where you can spot a faint Battle Star in the image, just above the roof of the building. To collect the second Road Trip Battle Star, head to Lazy Links and make your way to the rooftop of the clubhouse. The Battle Star should pop up at the pointy part of the roof. 

Road Trip Challenge – Three Weeks

Fortnite Road Trip Challenge Week 3

For completing all the challenges across three weeks in Fortnite Season 5, players unlock a loading screen that displays an ATK race on the newly paved racetrack. The third Fortnite Road Trip loading screen is a bit different than the previous two, as this time it doesn’t directly show where the Battle Star is located.

Instead, the clue to finding the Battle Star for the Week 3 Road Trip Challenge is on the plate on the ATK, which reads: “J2 – SW”. Make your way to map grid section J2 and search near the southwest part of the grid square to find the Battle Star.  

We will continue to add new Road Trip loading screens to this guide as they become available each week, so be sure to check back here for updates. Visit our Fortnite game hub for more Fortnite Season 5 guides, including how to get and upgrade the Ragnarok and Drift skins in Fortnite.

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