Fortnite Punch Card – Everything You Need to Know

The Punch Card is a new feature Fortnite players can take advantage of to earn more experience when they are playing.

The world of Fortnite changed dramatically with the arrival of Chapter 2 Season 3. One of the most significant changes was the removal of the medal system in favor of a Punch Card system. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about the Chapter 2 Season 3 Punch Card system covered for you so that you can take full advantage of the benefits that it offers to those who utilize it. 

Fortnite Punch Card

As with previous seasons, Chapter 2 Season 3 has kicked off with players doing their best to level up their new Battle Pass to earn all of the exciting cosmetic rewards that it offers. One way that players can earn extra experience points for their Chapter 2 Season 3 Battle Pass is through the Punch Card system. 

Players will find these cards on the left-hand side of their screen when they are in the Battle Pass menu for this season. These are progressive challenges that players can complete when they are playing and will vary in difficulty and complexity, but offer a various amount of experience points for each completed step meaning they are an excellent way for players to earn some extra experience to level up their Battle Pass quicker than if they would not take advantage of the Punch Card system.

Fortnite Punch Card

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There is no doubt that players who utilize the Punch Card system will be able to enjoy the rewards of the Chapter 2 Season 3 Battle Pass much faster than players who do not take advantage of the benefits that these cards offer to the community. 

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