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Fortnite Party Hub – Everything You Need to Know

by Nicholas Barth

Wednesday, September 18th saw the v10.31 update be implemented for Fortnite Battle Royale. One of the most significant additions to be added to the battle royale game with the Fortnite v10.31 update was the new Party Hub. This new Party Hub feature is only available for Mobile players and allows Mobile players to communicate with each and get some quests for Victory Royales going. 

Fortnite Party Hub

Players who utilize the new hub feature in Fortnite Mobile can see which of their friends are online, start a party with them, and voice chat with everyone who is in their group. Unfortunately, Epic Games did not state whether or not a similar feature will be coming to the battle royale game on other platforms. However, other platforms already have voice chat and friend list options, so this kind of feature is not very much needed for different platforms. 

Fortnite Party Hub

You will find the Fortnite Party Hub option at the bottom of the screen of your mobile device when you have launched the battle royale title. 

Players also can transfer their specific party’s voice chat to another platform without missing a beat. You need to make sure your Mobile app is still open when you launch the game on a different platform. 

This new addition will allow Mobile players to communicate with each other in a much smoother manner than before through the battle royale game itself. It will also let players who spend most of their playing time on different platforms to form parties when they are away from home. This will allow them to make sure they are ready when they get back. 

More information regarding the newly added Fortnite Party Hub can be found on the feature’s official FAQ page

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