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Fortnite Lost Spray Can Locations Guide

by Nicholas Barth

There is always something new for Fortnite players to experience. This is the case for Thursday, August 8th with the official reveal of the new Spray and Pray Missions for Fortnite Season X. One of these new Spray and Pray Missions asks players to find five locations where a lost spray is located. If you are looking for some help in finding these lost spray can locations, be sure to check out all of the lost spray can locations in Fortnite below. 

Fortnite Lost Spray Can Locations

A total of eight different locations where a lost can is located are scattered across the map of the high-profile battle royale title. Fortunately, Fortnite players only need to find five of these areas to complete this particular Season X challenge. 

You can find a visual representation of the areas where these items are located on the map of the battle royale game below:

Fortnite Lost Spray Can Locations

One to three dedicated matches of searching for these specific areas on the map should see players be able to quickly complete this Season X challenge without any trouble and in a short amount of time. Quick rotating from Junk Junction to the south of Paradise Palms could even get all of these lost can locations found in a single match with the right mobility items and techniques. 

You will also be wise to be on extra alert when visiting these areas, as there are likely to be enemy players heading to the same places to complete this particular Fortnite challenge as well. These similar destinations mean players could be looking at some heavy-duty fights when they reach the areas on the map above.

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