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Fortnite – How Survivor Squads Work

by Josh Hawkins

Fortnite has a lot of little complexities hidden within it, and if you want to maximize your Homebase’s growth, and really get the most out of your heroes, you’re going to want to use every advantage you can get. That’s what Survivor Squads come into play. In this article we’ll talk about Fortnite Survivor Squads, what they do, and how you should set them up.

What Are Survivor Squads

Survivor Squads are one of the more complex pieces of the puzzle in Fortnite, and when you first start unlocking them it can be a bit confusing. There are currently eight different Survivor Squads that you can unlock via the skill tree, and once you’ve unlocked them, you can slot in different survivors to increase your overall stats and abilities in the game.

Survivor Squads are very important to mid and late-game progression, so you should definitely start unlocking more of them as quickly as you can.

How to Use Survivor Squads

Survivor Squads are mostly a passive thing, though you will want to keep them in check and change them out as much as possible to ensure you have the best survivors for the job. Each squad that you unlock comes with one leader slot and seven squad slots. In order to maximize the benefits that you receive from the Survivor Squad, make sure you choose a leader whose job matches up with the job of that particular squad. For example, if you are setting up your EMT Squad, then make sure you choose a survivor with the cross icon so that the leader matches the job.

Once you’ve set up your leader, it’s time to start adding other survivors to the squad. The trick here is to try to setup your squad with a personality match. Basically, each survivor card has two icons on the bottom. The first icon is their personality, while the second icon is their bonus. Match up the survivors in your squad with a personality that matches that of your leader survivor, and you’ll receive an even greater bonus than before.

Personality isn’t the only important thing to take note of though, and you should definitely weigh all of the options before you as you set up your squad. You’ll also want to pay attention to the bonus that survivors give, and be sure to hold on to all of your Common and Epic rarity survivors, as you can level them up and slot them into places that you need them as you unlock new squads and slots.

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