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Fortnite – Haunted Hills Treasure Map Solution

by Larryn Bell

Fortnite Season 4 is almost over, but there’s still a few weekly challenges left for players who are working toward leveling up their Battle Pass to unlock the full Omega skin outfit. For Week 9, one of the challenges players are tasked with completing involves following the treasure map found in Haunted Hills. Despite being labeled as Hard, treasure hunt challenges tend to be pretty easy if you know where to look. We’ll show you where to find the treasure marked on the Haunted Hills treasure map to complete this challenge and earn some easy Battle Pass points.

Haunted Hills Treasure Map Guide

As the name implies, players who own the Battle Pass can discover a treasure map hidden in Haunted Hills, the small cemetery located on the west side of the map. The Haunted Hills treasure map points to treasure in a place that has lots of small rectangles, which represent the junk piles in Junk Junction. 

Fortnite Haunted Hills Treasure Map Location

You don’t have to find the treasure map itself to find its treasure, though. All you have to do is head to Junk Junction in the far northeast corner of the map. If you are at Haunted Hills, simply run north and follow the road as it leads to Junk Junction.

The Battle Star treasure is located on the center smashed car pile on the north end of the junkyard, just north of the center flag for the named location. Either land on top of the car pile or build your way up to reach the treasure. If you are in the correct spot, a golden Battle Star will crop up from the ground for you to collect. 

Fortnite Haunted Hills Treasure Map Solution

Since this challenge is one of the last treasure hunts of Season 4, be prepared to run into a lot of opponents here trying to do the same thing. Also, keep in mind that you need to finish the match normally for your efforts to count toward the challenge, so perhaps having an enemy eliminate you after you collect the gold star isn’t such a bad thing. 

If you need help completing some of the other challenges from this season, such as searching for Hungry Gnomes or scoring goals at different soccer pitches, be sure to check out our guides on our Fortnite Season 4 Weekly Challenges guide before the season wraps up next week.

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