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Fortnite Gothic Challenges and How to Complete Them

by Nicholas Barth

Fortnite Battle Royale has been the king of video games when it comes to having crossovers with fellow high-profile entertainment franchises. The latest crossover event for Fortnite is currently seeing the world of Batman invade the battle royale title to celebrate the upcoming “Batman Day.” One of the first pieces of content for this crossover was the addition of the new Gothic Challenges, and we have all of the Fortnite Gothic Challenges covered for you.

Fortnite Gothic Challenges

This new mission questline will be similar to past limited-time missions in that a new challenge from the questline will be revealed every day for a week. This arrival schedule means there is currently only one of the Fortnite Gothic Challenges available for players to complete. However, dataminers in the battle royale title’s community have been able to discover the remaining tasks before their official release. 

Fortnite Gothic Challenges

You can find all of the Gothic Challenges below:

  • Deal 500 damage to opponents in a single match
  • Land at Salty Springs or Junk Junction in 3 different matches
  • 2 Suppressed weapon Eliminations 
  • Search an Ammo Box in 3 different named locations in a single match 
  • Search 7 Chests at Hot Spots
  • Visit Retail Row and The Block in the same match (2)
  • Deal 500 damage with SMGs to opponents 

Fortunately for players who are not looking to spend too much time completing this mission questline, the Fortnite Gothic Challenges should not take players too long to complete if they dedicate a couple of games to them. It remains to be seen what other pieces of content will be added to Fortnite for the Batman crossover besides the Gothic Challenges. Leaks have revealed that a Gotham City version of Tilted Towers, a Batman skinned grappler, and an explosive Batarang weapon will all be coming to the title with the crossover. 

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