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Fortnite Gargoyles – All Gargoyle Locations in Fortnite

by Larryn Bell

The Fortnitemares Halloween event has officially arrived in Fortnite, and with it comes a series of new challenges that reward players with chilling new cosmetic items. The Fortnitemares challenges will shift regularly during the limited-time event, so players will want to make sure they complete each set of challenges to unlock their rewards before they’re gone. 

One of the first Fortnitemares challenges this week tasks players with dancing in front of different gargoyles throughout the map in Battle Royale, similar to the clock tower progressive challenge from Week 4. We’ll explain where to find every gargoyle in Fortnite so that you can quickly wrap up this challenge and be on your way.

Fortnite Gargoyle Locations

Fortnite Gargoyles

Below is a list of every gargoyle location in Fortnite that we know of so far. Keep in mind that you only need to dance in front of five of these gargoyle statues to complete the challenge.

Note: Challenge progress may not trigger in Disco Domination or other limited-time modes, so try to complete this challenge in a game mode labeled with Fortnitemares (Solo, Duo, or Squad) to ensure you receive challenge credit.

  • Of course, one gargoyle statue is found at Haunted Hills, in the center room of the mansion.
  • There is a gargoyle in the northernmost building at Viking Village on the first floor.
  • Find another gargoyle hidden underground in the umbrella-shaped mine west of Lazy Links.
  • Dance at the gargoyle statue in the courtyard on the west side of Tomato Temple.
  • There is a gargoyle on a small dirt patch just east of Risky Reels.
  • On the east side of Retail Row, there is a gargoyle inside the Halloween store.
  • Land on the mountain northeast of Flush Factory to find one more gargoyle in Fortnite.

Fortnite Gargoyle Locations Map

Now that you know where to find plenty of gargoyle locations in Fortnite, all you have to do is dance in front of five of them during regular matches to complete this Fortnitemares challenge. Check out some of our other Fortnite guides, such as the one on all shooting gallery locations, to finish up some of the other weekly challenges for Season 6.

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