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Fortnite Fortbyte 17 Guide: Found Inside a Wooden Fish

by John Cooper

Finding all of the Fortbytes takes time, a little bit of ingenuity. and a whole lot of exploration. One of the latest Fortbyte clues is Fortbyte 17, which says it can be found inside a wooden fish. Actually tracking down this fish is probably the biggest challenge that faces you. 

The Fortbytes are new collectables that have been introduced in Season 9. They are computer chips that can be found in various locations or earned by completing in-game challenges or hitting milestones in your progression this season. There are going to be 100 of them in all, but not all of them are currently available. Apparently, once all of them are collected an image will be revealed, but nobody knows what that will be yet. 

Fortbyte 17

Fortbyte 17 needs you to find the wooden fish and make your way inside of it. To find the fish you need to head towards the hot springs that are northeast of Lazy Lagoon. There are four of these hot springs in all, and the one you want to go towards is the bottom left one. You’ll be able to see the wooden fish as you approach it so you’ll have a hard time missing it. The Fortbyte itself is within the tail of the fish, so you’ll need to use your pickaxe to get into the structure and grab the Fortbyte. 

Just in case that description isn’t enough, here is a map showing the location of the fish that you can use before dropping into the game itself: 

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