One of the Fortnite Season 5 Week 3 challenges involves following the treasure map found in Flush Factory to uncover a hidden Battle Star. You don’t need to find the treasure map itself to complete the challenge. Simply follow our instructions to find the treasure marked on the Flush Factory treasure map and earn yourself some quick Battle Stars.

The treasure map found in Flush Factory shows a picture of a house on top of a hill or mountain, with a red X to mark the hidden Battle Star location. The only hill that has a house on top that looks like the one on the map is the hill southwest of Salty Springs, which is also where you can find one of the basketball courts in Fortnite. 

Make your way to the grassy hilltop southwest of Salty Springs and northwest of Fatal Fields. You can drop there directly from the Battle Bus, just be prepared to encounter some other players there as well. Search along the edge of the dirt path leading away from the house. 

Fortnite Season 5 Week 3 Flush Factory Treasure

If you are searching in the correct location, a golden Battle Star will pop up from the ground. Collect the star to complete the Flush Factory treasure map challenge for Week 3 in Fortnite. While you’re at it, make sure bring a weapon with you to shoot clay pigeons at different locations in Fortnite to mark off another Week 3 challenge.  

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