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Fortnite Creative Vault Code Guide

by Nicholas Barth

Epic Games has implemented a makeover for the creative hub of Fortnite, which has lead to this popular area in the game getting a secret agent themed makeover in line with the theme of Season 2 for Fortnite Chapter 2. There are now vaults in this particular area of the title that has sparked the interest of players. These vaults can be opened, but only one vault is currently available for players to do open. However, they must have the correct code to open up the first vault. Fortunately, we have this code covered for you.

Fortnite Creative Vault Code

This code for the Fortnite vault is four digits, and clues referencing each of the digits can be found at various locations in the title’s creative hub.

Fortnite Creative Vault Code

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The first digit clue can be found in the near the screen that has the phrase “Prototype Z56” that can be seen from the hub’s main lobby. There will be a blue screen that says, “# of green crates in storage.” You will find that there are seven crates in the storage room, meaning that the first digit of the Fortnite creative vault code is 7. 

Our next clue is “# of starfish,” which is found on a similar blue screen like the clue above was located. This number is three and confirms that the second digit is 3. 

Your next clue is “# of agents divided by 2”. There are a total of 18 beds in the creative hub area, so the third digit of the vault code is 9. 

Finally, the final clue is “# of pistols displayed” that is located on the screen on the desk behind the hub’s helicopter. This answer is four and reveals that the correct code for the first creative vault is 7394. Now, all you need to do is head up the winding staircase in the lobby and take a left to where the first creative vault is located. Enter 7 and 3 on the terminals to your left and 94 on the terminals on your right. They are marked, so don’t worry about putting the digits in the wrong order.

We will update this piece with the other codes for the remaining vaults when they are made available. 

Using the creative vault code will help you enjoy one of the newest pieces of content in the world of Fortnite. Let us know how it went over on Facebook and Twitter

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